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Any Fifty Shade Fans out there?

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Purely opinionated here: There is no denying it, the Fifty Shades series came in and swopped up every woman in America--okay, maybe not every woman. But I find that when I'm sitting at the library or I run into someone who has shared interests in the BDSM community, that nearly all of those women and some men, have read the books.

I'll admit it, I read them at 18, then again at 21 and again this past year at the age of 25. When I first started reading them, I thought they were amazing, and then I slowly started immersing myself into the BDSM lifestyle and started to realize some alarming concerns about what is written in that book and what new submissive, new Dominants, new switches, (whatever role you're interested in) should actually be concerned with: like proper safety protocols. 


Has anyone else noticed this? What are your thoughts?


Has anyone else found similar books to Fifty Shades, or better ones? One series I am reading now if from a new author and it is at times darker than Fifty Shades but it has a strong storyline, and keeps you one your seat!! I think the first book is called, The Lotus Keeper. I originally found it on Inkitt but just saw it on Wattpad the other day and now its even on Amazon...


Any other suggestions?

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