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Good fantasy supernatural series maybe a bit of romance?

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Hey can anyone suggest some series which might tick some or all of my criteria?


Book series.


Preferbly supernatural (vampires, demons etc) or if not then fantasy.


Male protagonist.


Some nice romance perhaps sub plot.


Ready sword of truth and shadowhunters (please dont recommend those)



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How about the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher (the first book is Storm Front)? It has a male protagonist, lots of supernatural creatures (including vampires and demons) and romance.


Welcome to the forum by the way :)


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Is a male protagonist an absolute essential?


If not I can recommend SM Reine's series of books, starting with her Descent series. The series interlink with her later / other series and cover a wide range of the supernatural and demonic. A range of romances and couplings and lots of epic battling.


Great stuff! :D



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