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Compelling and Unconventional Science Fiction Books

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Science fiction is the most argued and discussed over genre in literature. Every year tons of crappy sci-fi novels get published.

Sturgeon’s Law states “90% of Science Fiction is crud – 90% of everything is crud”; sometimes the absolutely best (those remaining 10%) gets buried under this crappy pile. Here is a list of unconventional yet compelling Sci-fi novels that you really need to read.


What are your favorite off-beat science fiction books:


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I would have to qualify such a sweeping statement . A lot of the explosion of SF writing in the 50s was about the speculative ideas. Sometimes a book could have thought provoking ideas but its writing or plot or characters would be rubbish. So it could still be a good SF novel. Then there were lots of adventure books set in space which were perhaps slickly written but I wouldn't consider SF at all. So I hesitate to list any books really. Why don't you tell us a couple of your favourites and why you liked them?

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