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Historical African American Fiction

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I started this book last year but it got packed away in anticipation of our move. I don't remember what I was reading or listening to today that triggered my memory but I pulled it off the shelf in order to spend a few weeks traveling back to antebellum Charleston, South Carolina. What I like about this book is that while it is set during slavery and the Reconstruction, it doesn't FOCUS on slaves/slavery. It is a story about a family of women who leave their plantation in Beaufort (my hometown) and ventures out to a new life and opportunities. The book is called Some Sing, Some Cry, by Ntozake Shange and Ifa Bayeza.  I think this will be a book that I take my time with. I realized a while back that I tend to rush through books and I have no reason why? So a nice slow spring savoring of this book is planned. I have my lovely dock to sit out on and a cool sun room (conservatory) to escape into an hour a day!



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