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James Chuter Ede. Why so expensive and why so few?

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I recently started to study the 1945 Labour Government which led me to read whatever I could find on the leading lights within the Cabinet and discovered that there were many books about or by most of the leading lights but only one that had the name, "James Chuter Ede" after it. "LABOUR AND THE WARTIME COALITION: From the Diary of James Chuter Ede 1941-1945

I had three questions:  1. Why it was so expensive at £40.00 and the person who was selling it replied because there aren't many of them. 

2.  My next question was, "but why were so few books written either by Ede or others about him? My third question is, "Surely the book is out of copyright so why hasn't a reprint been produced.

Would anyone care to comment on the above? 

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