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Little Pixie

Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

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Book Read in 2018




1   A Mew to a Kill - Leighann Dobbs

2   Paws and Effect - Leighann Dobbs

3   Stop Press - Michael Innes

4   The Secret Vanguard - Michael Innes

5   There came both Mist and Snow - Michael Innes

6   Probabale paws - Leighann Dobbs

7   Spell Disaster - Leighann Dobbs

8   The man of Dangerous Secrets - Maxwell Marsh

9   Rogues` holiday - Maxwell Marsh

10   Nothing to croak about - Leighann Dobbs

11   How I Changed my Life - Shelley Wilson

12  China Trade - SJ Rozan

13   Deadbeat Dad - JR Rain

14   Cry Wolf - Leighann Dobbs

15   Murder in Piccadilly - Charles Kingston

16   Something Magical - Leighann Dobbs

17   Double Crossing Delancey - SJ Rozan

18   Resorting to murder - ED. by Martin Edwards

19   Coming Clean - Kimberley Rae Miller

20   Mandarin Plaid - SJ Rozan

21   Lament for a Maker - Michael Innes

22   Curiously Enchanted - Leighann Dobbs

23   Concourse - SJ Rozan

24   Beautiful Bodies - Kimberley Rae Miller

25   No Colder Place - SJ Rozan

26   The Last Page - Libby Fischer Hellman

27   Serpents in Eden - Ed. by Martin Edwards

28   Sing the Four Quarteres - Tanya Huff

29   The Fire`s Stone - Tanya Huff

30   The Poisoned Chocolates Case - Anthony Berkeley

31   Every Witch Way but Wicked - Amanda M Lee

32   Witching you were here - Amanda M Lee

33   Witching on a Star - Amanda M Lee

34   Something to witch about - Amanda M Lee

35   Witch me Luck - Amanda M Lee

36   Careful what you witch for - Amanda M Lee

37   Wicked brew - Amanda M Lee

38   On a Witch and a prayer - Amanda M Lee

39   Bewitched - Amanda M Lee

40   The Christmas Witch - Amanda M Lee

41   Life`s a Witch - Amanda M Lee

42   A Solstice Celebration - Amanda M Lee

43   You Only Witch Once - Amanda M Lee

44   Charms and Misdemeanours - Amanda M Lee

45   The Trouble with Witches - Amanda M Lee

46   Witchdependance Day - Amanda M Lee

47   Happy Witchgiving - Amanda M Lee

48   Merry Witchmas - Amanda M Lee

49   Four Leaf Clover - Amanda M Lee

50   Murder Most Witchy - Amanda M Lee

51   A Witch before Dying - Amanda M Lee

52   Any Witch Way you can - Amanda M Lee

53   The Fellowship of Fear - Aaron Elkins






54   Wedding Cake Murder -Joanne Fluke

55   Christmas Caramel Murder - Joanne Fluke

56   Banana Cream Pie Murder - Joanne Fluke

57   The Quotient of Murder - Ada Madison

58   The Golden Box - Frances Crane

59   The Yellow Violet - Frances Crane

60   The Pink Umbrella - Frances Crane

61   The Applegreen Cat - Frances Crane

62   The Amethyst Spectacles - Frances Crane

63   The Indigo Necklace - Frances Crane

64   The Black Curl - Constance and Gwenyth Little




65   The Corpse Steps Out - Craig Rice

66   The Black Dream - Constance and Gwenyth Little

67   Bookmarked to Die - Jo Dereske

68   Catalogue of Death - Jo Dereske

69   Index to Murder - Jo Dereske

70   Farewll, Miss Zukas - Jo Dereske

71   The Shocking Pink Hat - Frances Crane

72   The Cinnamon Murder - Frances Crane

73   The Indigo Necklace - Frances Crane

74   Witchy tales - Amanda M Lee

75   A Witch in Time - Amanda M Lee




76   Thistel While you Work - Amanda M Lee

77   Landon Calling - Amanda M Lee

78   Make a Witch - Amanda M Lee

79   A Witchmas Carol - Amanda M Lee

80   All My Witches - Amanda M Lee

81   The Bigfoot Blunder - Amanda M Lee

82   I Dream of Twila - Amanda M Lee

83   How Aunt Tillie stole Christmas - Amanda M Lee

84   The Disappearance of Mavis Woodstock - Rosalind Burgess & Patricia Obermeier Neuman

85   The Murder of Susan Reed - Rosalind Burgess & Patricia Obermeier Neuman

86   Death in Door County - Rosalind Burgess & Patricia Obermeier Neuman

87   Unhappy Hooligan - Stuart palmer

88   The Gourmet Detective - Peter King

89   Savage Cut - Jo Dereske

90   Rook Takes Night - Stuart Palmer





91    A Breath of Witchy Air - Amanda M Lee

92   Deadmistress - Carole B Shmurak

93   Death by Committee - Carole B Shmurak

94   Death at Hilliard High - carole B Shmurak

95   Most Likely to Murder - Carole B Shmujrak

96   The Cherry BVlossom Murder - Fran Pickering

97   The Tokyo Karaoke Murder - Fran Pickering

98   The Haiku Murder - Fran Pickering

99   Blood on the Tracks. ed. by Martin Rfwards

100   The Bullet Train Murder - Fran Pickering

101   The Decagon House Murders - Yukito Ayatsuji

102   Time at the Top - Edward Ormondroyd

103   All in Good Time - Edward Ormondroyd

104   Portraits of the Forsaken - EE Holmes

105   The Man who died laughing - David handler

106   The man who lived by Night - David Handler

107   The man who would be F Scott Fitzgerald - David handler

108   The Woman who fell from Grace - David Handler

109   The Boy who never grew up - David Handler

110   The man who cancelled himself - David handler

111   The girl who ran off with Daddy - David Handler

112   The Museum of Literary Souls - John Connolly

113   The Man who loved women to death - David Handler

114   Appleby`s End - Michael Innes

115   A Night of Errors - Michael Innes




108   The Woman who fell from Grace - David Handler

109   The Boy who never grew up - David Handler

110   The man who cancelled himself - David handler

111   The girl who ran off with Daddy - David Handler

112   The Museum of Literary Souls - John Connolly

113   The Man who loved women to death - David Handler

114   Appleby`s End - Michael Innes

115   A Night of Errors - Michael Innes

116   Omit Flowers - Stuart Palmer

117   The Lone Sentinel - Jo Dereske

118   The King of Bones and Ashes - JD Horn

119   The Paper Magician - Charlie N Holmberg

120   The Glass Magician - Charlie N Holmberg

121   The Fugitive King - Sarah R Shaber

122   Dead Heading - Catherine Aird

123   Losing Ground - Catherine Aird

124   A Time of Mourning - Christobel kent

125   Four Short Stories - Sarah R Shaber

126   The Roman Hat Mystery - Ellery Queen

127   The Moai island Puzzle - Alice Arisugawa

128   In the Land of the Crane - Linda Vine

129   The Ginza Ghost - Keikichi Osaka

130   Past Tense- Catherine Aird

131   The Master Magician - Charlie N Holmberg

132   The Plastic Magician - Charlie N Holmberg

133   Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet - Charlie N Holmberg

134   The Fifth Doll - Charlie N Holmberg

135   Followed by Frost - Charlie N Holmberg

136   Death in the Dark - Stacey Bishop

137   The Bug Funeral - Sarah R Shaber

138   Go - Kazuki Kaneshiro

139   The Family Vault - Charlotte MacLeod

140   The Archivist - Christy Sloan

141   The Withdrawing Room - Charlotte MacLeod

142   The Palace Guard - Charlotte MacLeod

143   The Bilbao Looking Glass - Charlotte MacLeod

144   The Convivial Codfish - Charlotte MacLeod

145   The Plain Old Man - Charlotte MacLeod

146   The Recycled Citizen - Charlotte MacLeod

147   The Silver Ghost - Charlotte MacLeod

148   The Gladstone bag - Charlotte MacLeod

149   The Resurrection man - Charlotte MacLeod

150   The Odd Job - Charlotte MacLeod

151   The Balloon Man - Charlotte MacLeod

152   Rest You Merry - Charlotte MacLeod

153   The Luck Runs Out - Charlotte MacLeod

154   Wrack and Rune - Charlotte MacLeod

155   The Curse of the Giant Hogweed - Charlotte MacLeod

156   Vane Pursuit - Charlotte MacLeod

157   An Owl Too many - Charlotte MacLeod

158   Something in the Water - Charlotte MacLeod

159   Exit the Milkman - Charlotte MacLeod

160   A pint of Murder - Charlotte MacLeod

161   Murder Goes Mumming - Charlotte MacLeod





162   Trouble in the Brasses - Charlotte MacLeod

163   A Dismal Thing to Do - Charlotte MacLeod

164   The Wrong Rite - Charlotte MacLeod

165   The Question of the Missing Head - EJ Copperman

166   Something the Cat Dragged in - Charlotte MacLeod

167   The Corpse in Oozak`s Pond - Charlotte MacLeod









Edited by Little Pixie

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TBR Part One :


The Last Coyote - Michael Connelly                                                             The Black Ice - Michael Connelly    

The Narrows - Michael Connelly                                                              Women`s Voices - Olga Kenyon
A Darkness More Than Night - Michael Connelly                                     The Eye of the Storm - Patrick White
Angels Flight - Michael Connelly                                                               Get Shorty - Elmore Leonard
The Concrete Blonde - Michael Connelly                                                   Testament of Youth - Vera Brittain


First Light - Michael Connelly                                                                     The Robber Bride - Margaret Atwood    

City of Bones - Michael Connelly                                                                 The Ghost - Robert Harris
The Drop - Michael Connelly                                                                     Raisin and the Perfect Paragon - MC Beaton          

Stormy Petrel - Mary Stewart                                                                           Remembrance day - Henry Porter                                         

 The Gabriel Hounds - Mary Stewart                                                                                            

The  Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay - Michael Chabon
The Ivy Tree - Mary Stewart                                                              For whom the Bell tolls - Ernest hemingway
Gold Coast - Nelson De Mille                                                            True at First Light - Ernest Hemingway
Plum Island - Nelson De Mille                                                             Across the river and into the trees - Ernest Hemingway
Nightfall - Nelson De Mille                                                                   The old man and the sea - Ernest Hemingway
Heaven has no favourites - Erich Maria Remarque                              Scoundrel - Bernard Cornwell                                                     
The piano teacher - Janice YK Lee
Buffy : The book of four - Nanty Holder
The fifth woman - Henning Mankell                                                        The power of one - Bryce Courtenay       

The songlines - Bruce Chatwin                                                              Women`s letters in wartime - Eva Figes
 Burger`s daughter - Nadine Gordimer                                                     

  Penhallow - Georgette Heyer                                                                 

The traveller - John Twelve Hawks                                                          Lila - Robert M Pirsig  40
A spy`s life - Henry Porter                                                                         The winter queen - Boris Akunin
Empire state - Henry Porter                                                                        Offshore - Penelope Fitzgerald
Tom Brown`s body - Gladys Mitchell                                                        Lake Woebegon Summer, 1956 - Garrison Keillor
The prodigal spy - Joseph Kanon                                                          A bloody field by Shrewsbury - Edith Pargeter                                                

Spies - Michael Frayn                                                                                     Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman
                                                                 The complete works of Oscar Wilde 
The new Knighthood - Malcolm Barber                                                         Seven Pillars of Wisdom - TE Lawrence
                                                                        The Comfort of Saturdays - Alexander McCall Smith                    
                                                                            The Stone Diaries - Carol Shields

                                                                       Nobody`s Perfect - Anthony Lane
Great Expectations - Charles Dickens                                        A Dance to the Music of Time - Anthony Powell- Book 1. A Question of Upbringing

David Copperfield - Charles Dickens                                                            Book 2. A Buyer`s market
A tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens                                                          Book 3. The Acceptance World
A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens                                                             Book 4. At Lady Molly`s

Oliver Twist- Charles Dickens                                                                        Book 5. Casanova`s Chinese Restaurant
Our Mutual Friend - Charles Dickens                                                             Book 6. The Kindly Ones                                     
Bleak House- Charles Dickens                                                                      Book  7. The Valley of Bones
Sketches by Boz - Charles Dickens                                                                Book 8. The Soldier`s Art
Hard Times - Charles Dickens                                                                       Book  9. The Military Philosophers     

The Pickwick Papers - Charles Dickens                                                        Book 10. Books do Furnish a Room      76
Nicholas Nickleby - Charles Dickens                                                              Book 11. Temporary kings
The Old Curiosity Shop - Charles Dickens                                                     Book 12. Hearing Secret Harmonies

A Child`s History of England - Charles Dickens                                              The Burglar in the Closet - Lawrence Block  
The Burglar who Studied Spinoza - Lawrence Block                                       The Lair of the White Worm - Bram Stoker

The Burglar who Painted like Mondrian - Lawrence Block                            

  The Burglar who like to quote Kipling - Lawrence Block                                   The Schirmer Inheritance - Eric Ambler
Wash this Blood clean from my Hand - Fred Vargas                                       

Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides                                                                           The Thurber Carnival - James Thurber
The Vacillations of Poppy carew - Mary Wesley                                                 A Few little Lies - Sue Welfare        92

The Day after Tomorrow - Allan Folsom                                                             
Love over Scotland - Alexander McCall Smith                                                  
Dominion - CJ Sansom                                                                                         Empire falls - Richard Russo
Untold Stories - Alan Bennett                                                                                 The Old Devils - Kingsley Amis


                                                                               Devices and Desires - PD James
Across the Wall - Garth Nix                                                                                  The Wild Road - Gabriel King
 May Week was in June - Clive James
Ten second Staircase - Christopher Fowler                                                           
The mammoth Book of Pulp Fiction - Maxim Jakubowski                                     

Women on the case - Sara Paretsky  105

The Crystal Frontier - Carlos Fuentes                                                                        Eyeless in gaza - Aldous Huxley
The Good Companions - JB Priestley                                                                       The Collected Stories of Elizabeth Bowen
Zuleikha Dobson - Max Beerbohm                                                                            The House of Eliot - Jean Marsh
The Bonfire of the Vanities - Tom Wolfe                                                                    Bodega Dreams - Ernesto Quinonez     116

Flight Behaviour - Barbara Kingsolver                                                                         The Oxford Book of Letters - Frank Kermode
The cats of Moon Cottage - Marilyn Edwards                                                          


Devoted ladies - Molly Keane                                                                                    Adam Bede - George Eliot
         Brideshead Revisited - Evelyn Waugh                                                                       Alias Grace - Margaret Atwood
Desolation Angels - Jack Kerouac                                                                              The Penguin Book of Women`s Humour - Regina Barrecca

 Master and Commander - Patrick O`Brian                                                          The Past Times Book of Diaries Edwardians in Love - Anita Leslie
Out of this century - Peggy Guggenheim                                                                 A heroine in her Time - Molly Izzard
The Faber Book of Letters - Felix Pryor                                                                   DH Lawrence Bio - Brenda Maddox
Hidden Lives - Margaret Forster                                                                             Morgan ( EM Forster Bio ) - Nicola Bequrman
The Pursuit of Love - Nancy Mitford                                                                       The Blessing - Nancy Mitford

Lady Chatterley`s Lover - DH Lawrence                                                                 The Grifters - Jim Thompson
Les Miserables Part 1 - Victor Hugo                                                                            Don`t Tell Alfred - Nancy Mitford
Les Miserables Part 2 - Victor Hugo                                                                             Love in a Cold Climate - Nancy Mitford
Trade Imperial - Alan Lloyd                                                                                            The Getaway - Jim Thompson
Gene - Stel Pavlou                                                                                                        The Killer Inside me - Jim Thompson   142

The Swarm - Frank Schatzing                                                                                          Angela`s Ashes - Frank McCourt     
The Mill on the Floss - George Eliot                                                                                Pop. 1280 - Jim Thompson
The End of the Affair - Graham Greene                                                                          
The Third Man - Graham Greene                                                                                   
The fallen Idol - Graham Greene                                                                                      The Dark Wind - Tony Hillerman      150
George Passant - CP Snow                                                                                       Sacred Clowns - Tony Hillerman
The Conscience of the Rich - CP Snow                                                                      Finding Moon - Tony Hillerman
The Light and the Dark - CP Snow                                                                             The Fallen Man - Tony Hillerman
                                                                             The Ghostway - Tony Hillerman
  Time of Hope - CP Snow                                                                                                    158

Malice Aforethought - Francis Iles                                                                                Our Lady of the Forest - David Guterson
The Double Eagle - James Twining                                                                               People of Darkness - Tony Hillerman
No Laughing Matter - Peter Guttridge                                                                           A Capote Reader - Truman Capote
                                                                             Gideon`s day - John Creasey
Fuzz - Ed McBain                                                                                                          Shadow of the King - Helen Hollick

The Sword of the Templars - Paul Christopher                                                            
Still Life - AS Byatt                                                                                                          The Complete Saki - Saki
Memories of a Catholic Girlhood - Mary McCarthy                                                           Dirty Tricks - Michael Dibdin
Prisoner`s Plea - Hilary Waugh                                                                                        Birdsong - Sebastian Faulks
The Names - Don De Lillo                                                                                                   The Longest Journey - EM Forster

                                                                                            The Arrow of Time - Coveney/ Highfield                 177
On Broadway - Damon Runyon                                                                                        Claudine and Annie - Colette
An Outcast of the Islands - Joseph Conrad                                                                      The Killing of the Saints - Alex Abella
Across the Lakes - Amal Chatterjee                                                                                  The Pilot`s Wife - Anita Shreve
Angels and Insects - AS Byatt                                                                        Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop cafe - Fannie Flagg

LA Requiem - Robert Crais                                                                                             The Black Dahlia - James Ellroy
The Geneva Deception - James Twining                                                                        Gates of Fire - Steven Pressfield       195
The Company - Robert Littell                                                                                            Nanking Road - Vicki Baum
The Barbarossa - John Gardner                                                                                         Grand Hotel - Vicki Baum
The Heart of the Country - Fay Weldon                                                                              Icon - Frederick Forsyth

A New Lease of Death - Ruth Rendell                                                                               Snowblind - PJ Tracey
The Best Man to Die - Ruth Rendell                                                                                   Scruples - Judith Krantz
Wolf to the Slaughter - Ruth Rendell                                                                                  12 English detective Stories - Cox
Put on by Cunning - Ruth Rendell                                                                                      12 American crime stories - Herbert
The Big Nowhere - James Ellroy                                                                                         Spy stories - Michael Cox
Death Under Sail - CP Snow                                                                                                 Detective Duos - Muller/ Pronzini
                                              Women in Love - DH Lawrence
The case of the dangerous Dowager - Erle Stanley Gardner                                                Selected essays - D H Lawrence
The Case of the Stuttering Bishop - Erle Stanley Gardner                                                        Selected Letters - DH Lawrence
The case of the Restless Redhead - Erle Stanley Gardner                                                  The White Peacock - DH Lawrence     214

The case of the Drowsy Mosquito - Erle Stanley Gardner                                                     O Pioneers ! - Willa Cather
The case of the Baited Hook - Erle Stanley Gardner                                                             The Song of the Lark - Willa Cather
The case of the Fiery Fingers - Erle Stanley Gardner                                                              Alexander`s Bridge - Willa Cather
Ivanhoe - Sir Walter Scott                                                                                  The face on the Cutting Room Floor - Cameron McCabe
Decline and Fall - Evelyn Waugh                                                                                    Europe in the 18th century - MS Anderson

Black Mischief - Evelyn Waugh                                                                              Death in the garden - Elizabeth Ironside
A Handful of Dust - Evelyn Waugh                                                                           Edward Hopper Bio - Gail Levin
Scoop - Evelyn Waugh                                                                                              Flowers and fruit - Colette
Put out more Flags - Evelyn Waugh                                                                        A Civil Action - Jonathan Harr
Vile Bodies - Evelyn Waugh                                                                                 Holy Fools - Joanne Harris

Unconditional Surrender - Evelyn Waugh                                                              Blackberry Wine - Joanne Harris
The Ordeal of Gilbert Penfold - Evelyn Waugh                                                        Five-quarters of the Orange - Joanne Harris
Officers and Gentlemen - Evelyn Waugh                                                                  
The Man who Smiled - Henning Mankell                                                                     The Last September - Elizabeth Bowen
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Steig Larrson                                                         Phantom - Jo Nesbo                243

The Girl who Played with Fire - Steig Larsson                                                          The Leopard - Jo Nesbo
The Girl who Kicked the Hornet`s Nest - Steig Larsson                                            The Devil`s Star - Jo Nesbo
                                                                The Redbreast - Jo Nesbo
Murder on Safari - Elspeth Huxley                                                                             Nemesis - Jo Nesbo
Death`s darkest face - Julian Symons                                                                        The Snowman - Jo Nesbo

Oxford Blood - Antonia Fraser                                                                                     The Redeemer - Jo Nesbo
The River - Rumer Godden                                                                                         The Bat - Jo Nesbo 
Merton of the Movies - Harry Leon Wilson                                                                  The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie - Muriel Spark
The Colossus of Maroussi - Henry Miller                                                                     A Far Cry from kensington - Muriel Spark
The Odyssey - Homer                                                                                                  The Histories - Herodotus

The Iliad - Homer                                                                                                        Away from it all - Cedric Belfrage
                                                                                            Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer
Fatherland - Robert Harris                                                                                           The Republic of Night - Dominic Martell
Imperium - Robert Harris                                                                                              Gitano - Dominic Martell
Lustrum - Robert Harris                                                                                                The Woman in Black - Susan Hill    271

Varjak Paw - SF Said                                                                                                    December 6th - Martin Cruz Smith
A Small Death in Lisbon - Robert Wilson                                                                        Rose - Martin Cruz Smith
The Adventure of English - Melvyn Bragg                                                                      Three Stations - Martin Cruz Smith
Kingdom of Shadows - Alan Furst                                                                                   Best Secret Service Stories - John Welcome
Coromandel Sea Change - Rumer Godden                                                                   The Green hat - Michael Arlen

The Greengage Summer - Rumer Godden                                                                    Adventures in the Screen Trade - William Goldman
The Mosquito Coast - Paul Theroux                                                                               A Gun for sale - Graham Greene
Jungle Lover - Paul Theroux                                                                                             The Ministry of fear - Graham Greene
The Great Railway Bazaar - Paul Theroux                                                                      The Confidential Agent - Graham Greene    291
Riding the Iron Rooster - Paul Theroux                                                                           It`s a Battlefield - Graham Greene

Enchanted Evening - MM Kaye                                                                                         The Human Factor - Graham Greene
The Last Templar - Raymon Khoury                                                                                    The Winter King - Bernard Cornwell
The Unknown Soldier - Gerald Seymour                                                                             Heretic - Bernard Cornwell
Timebomb - Gerald Seymour                                                                                              Vagabond - Bernard Cornwell
 Azincourt - Bernard Cornwell                                                                                        Life of Pi - Yann Martell                                                                        Farewell to Russia - Richard Hugo                                                                                                                                                            

                                                                                The Romanov Prophecy - Steve Berry   303
                              The Third Secret - Steve Berry
The Deceiver - Frederick Forsyth                                                                                 The White Lioness - Henning Mankell

Brandenburg - Henry Porter                                                                                     
The Dying Light - Henry Porter                                                                                       Angel - Barbara Taylor Bradford    
 Yellowthread Street - William Marshall                                                                       The Aphrodite Cargo - Alexander Fullerton
The Enchantress - Han Suyin                                                                                       Strange Meeting - Susan Hill
The Four Faces - Han Suyin                                                                                          Railway`s Strangest Journey`s - Tom Quinn   315

A Share of Loving - Han Suyin                                                                                      And Quiet Flows the Don - Mikhail Sholokov
Birdless Summer - Han Suyin                                                                                           The Black Obelisk - Erich Maria Remarque
A Mortal Flower - Han Suyin                                                                                          A time to Love and a Time to Die - Erich Maria Remarque
Myself a Mandarin - Austin Coates                                                                                  Arch of Triumph - Erich Maria Remarque
                                                                                          The Road back - Erich Maria Remarque

The Tailor of Panama - John Le Carre                                                                            Flotsam - Erich Maria Remarque
                                                                     All Quiet on the western Front - Erich Maria Remarque
The Constant Gardener - John Le Carre                                                                   Three Comrades - Erich Maria Remarque
                                                                            Dr Zhivago - Boris Pasternak
                                                                          The Loving Spirit - Daphne Du Maurier    331

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TBR Part Two :




                                           Lullaby - Ed McBain

Our Kind of Traitor - John Le Carre                                                 The Monkey King - Timothy Mo    334
Watching the Tree - Adeline Yen Mah                                                The Last Empress - Anchee Min
Falling Leaves - Adeline Yen Mah                                               On Secret Service East of Constantinople - Peter Hopkins
Twinkle Twinkle Little Spy - Len Deighton                                        The Great Game - Peter Hopkins            

Declarations of War - Len Deighton                                                XPD - Len Deighton
Goodbye Mickey Mouse - Len Deighton                                       The Harmony Silk factory - Tash Aw                  344
Yesterday`s Spy - Len Deighton                                                  The Analog Bullet - Martin Cruz Smith
Billion Dollar Brain - Len Deighton                                                The Headline Book of Spy Fiction - Alan Williams
Close-up - Len Deighton                                                              An Agent in Paris - Robert Littell

City of Gold - Len Deighton                                                          Bhowani Junction - John Masters
A Berlin Family - Len Deighton                                                      Quiller`s Run - Adam Hall
Mamista - Len Deighton                                                                   The Scorpion Signal - Adam Hall
Funeral in Berlin - Len Deighton                                                       The Mandarin Cyphers - Adam Hall
Violent Ward - Len Deighton                                                         The Kobra manifesto - Adam Hall     360

The Ipcress File - Len Deighton                                                 The Striker Portfolio - Adam Hall
Edge of Danger - Jack Higgins                                                    Fortunes of War - Stephen Coonts
A Darker Place - Jack Higgins                                                      Cuba - Stephen Coonts
Solo - Jack Higgins                                                                The Bourne Identity - Robert Ludlum
The Last Place God Made - Jack Higgins                                      The Bourne Supremacy - Robert Ludlum

Year of the Tiger - Jack Higgins                                                     The Bourne Ultimatum - Robert Ludlum
Storm Warning - Jack Higgins                                                        The Rhinemann Exchange - Robert Ludlum    
Bloody Passage - Jack Higgins                                                   The Icarus Agenda - Robert Ludlum
Drink with the Devil - Jack Higgins                                                 Road to Gandolfo - Robert Ludlum 379
The Violent Enemy - Jack Higgins                                                   

Single and Single - John Le Carre                                         The House on the Strand - Daphne Du Maurier
A Most Wanted Man - John Le Carre                                        I`ll Never be Young Again - Daphne Du Maurier
Absolute Friends - John Le Carre                                               That Hideous Strength - CS Lewis
The Mission Song - John Le Carre                                              Out of the Silent Planet - CS Lewis
                                     Perelandra - CS Lewis           388

The Iron Tiger - Jack Higgins                                                    The Matarese Countdown - Robert Ludlum
Pay the Devil - Jack Higgins                                                      The Ambler Warning - Robert Ludlum
A Fine Night for Dying - Jack Higgins                                          The Matlock Paper - Robert Ludlum
Toll for the Brave - Jack Higgins                                                    The Osterman Weekend - Robert Ludlum
Hell is Always Today - Jack Higgins                                              The Bourne sanction - Eric Van Lustbader
The Valhalla Exchange - Jack Higgins                                           The Bourne Legacy - Eric Van Lustbader    400
Eye of the Storm - Jack Higgins                                                      Zoo Station - David Downing
Without Mercy - Jack Higgins                                                           Silesian Station - David Downing
Sheba - Jack Higgins                                                           Stettin Station - David Downing
Dark Justice - Jack Higgins                                                          
The Lords of the North - Bernard Cornwell                                     Gone Tomorrow - Lee Child
Sword Song- Bernard Cornwell                                                 Bad Luck and Trouble - Lee Child
The Fort - Bernard Cornwell                                                        The Enemy - Lee Child
The Cobra - Frederick Forsyth                                                    61 Hours - Lee Child
The Veteran - Frederick Forsyth                                             Hong Kong - Stephen Coonts
The Devil`s Alternative - Frederick Forsyth                                Assignment in Brittany - Helen MacInnes
Berlin - Pierre Fret       420                                                              
If the Dead Rise Not - Philip Kerr                                              Night falls on the City - Sarah Gainham
Field Grey - Philip Kerr                                                                     Reliable essays - Clive James    
Prague Fatale - Philip Kerr                                                         J is for Judgement - Sue Grafton                   
A Quiet Flame - Philip Kerr                                                          I is for Innocent - Sue Grafton
The One from the Other - Philip Kerr                                      The Trinity Six - Charles Cumming     430
Wolf Hall - Hilary Mantell                                                           Hong Kong - Jan Morris
Win Lose or Die - John Gardner                                                   
Nobody Lives Forever - John Gardner                                   The Laughing Policeman - Sjowall/Wahloo     445

The Mists of Avalon - Marion Zimmer Bradley                           Murder on the Leviathan - Boris Akunin
Restless - William Boyd                                                           The Search for Shangri-La - Charles Allen
The Killing Man - Mickey Spillane                                             The Sanctuary - Raymond Khoury
The Righteous man - Sam Bourne                                              Death`s Jest Book - Reginald Hill
The man from St Petersburg - Ken Follett                                   The secret Speech - Tom Rob Smith
Red Mandarin Dress - Qiu Xaiolong                                            A market for Murder - Rebecca Tope
Rampage and the Saracens - Dudley Pope                                    The Time Traveller`s Wife - Audrey Niffeneggar
Doors Open - Ian Rankin                                                              Her Fearful Symmetry - Audrey Niffeneggar
                The Book Thief - Markus Zusak
Out of Africa - Karen Blixen                                                             Life Class - Pat Barker   464
Pelagia and the White Bulldog - Boris Akunin                                 Tara Road - Maeve Binchy
The Sound and The Fury - William Faulkner                                    The Fox in the Attic - Richard Hughes        468
Tender is the Night - F Scott Fitzgerald                                          
How to be Good - Nick Hornby                                                            Heart of darkness - Joseph Conrad
                        The year of Dangerous Loving - John Gordon Davis
Earthly Paradise - Colette                                                                Monstrum - Donald James
Dark of the Moon - John Dickson Carr                             The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Daytime - Mark Haddon
The Beast must Die - Nicholas Blake                                     Between the Acts - Virginia Woolf
My Career goes Bung - Miles Franklin                               The Orchard on Fire - Shena Mackay
The Gun Seller - Hugh Laurie                                             The Glimpses of the Moon - Edith Wharton
The Help - Kathryn Stockett                                               The Vienna Assignment - Oleg Steinhauer
Shakes hands for Ever - Ruth Rendell                                  Titus Alone - Mervyn Peake
The Savage Altar - AsA Larsson                                           Gormenghast - Mervyn Peake   488


The Transit of Venus - Shirley Hazzard                                 The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society - Shaffer/Barrows
The Glass Palace - Amitar Ghosh                                          The Sportswriter - Richard Ford        
 A Suitable Vengeance - Elizabeth George
Waiting for Sunrise - William Boyd                                         Playing for Ashes - Elizabeth George
The Private Patient - PD James                                           A Traitor to Memory - Elizabeth George
The Lost Art of Gratitude - Alexander McCall Smith                        Well Schooled in Murder - Elizabeth George
The Sheriff of Bombay - HRF Keating    500                              Dark Matter -Michelle Paver
Typhoon - Charles Cumming                                                                      The Biology of Belief - Bruce H Lipton
 Decipher - Stel Pavlou          504
Maigret Right and Wrong - Georges Simenon                                          An Angel at my Table - Janet Frame
Maigret in Montmartre - Georges Simenon                                                Bury it Deep - Sam Reaves
Maigret`s Mistake - Georges Simenon                                                      Fear will do it - Sam Reaves
Maigret has Scruples - Georges Simenon                                                
Maigret and the Reluctant Witnesses - Georges Simenon                        Sleepyhead - Mark Billingham
                                             Scaredy cat - Mark Billingham
Selected Letters - Katharine Mansfield                                                       Waiting - Ha Jin
The House of Mirth - Edith Wharton                                                             Bones of the Buried - David Roberts
                                             Sweet Poison - David Roberts
Gweilo - Martin Booth                                                                                   
The Princess Cassamassima - Henry James                                                Dead Souls - Ian Rankin
The Beast in the Jungle - Henry James                                                       Magician - Raymond E Feist
Washington Square - Henry James                                             The Unbearable Lightness of Scones - Alexander McCall Smith     526
The Painted Veil - W Somerset Maugham                                    The 13th Apostle - Richard + Rachael Heller
Good Wives - Louisa May Alcott                                                
Coming up for Air - George Orwell                                            
Keep the Aspidistra Flying - George Orwell                                     The case of the Grinning Gorilla - Erle Stanley Gardner
Gardens of the Moon - Steven Erikson                                             The DA calls a Turn - Erle Stanley Gardner         534
Tim - Colleen McCullough                                                                 
The Hours - Michael Cunningham                                                     Riders in the Chariot - Patrick White
Quiet as a Nun - Antonia Fraser                                                            Tradewind - MM Kaye
Silence in October - Jens Christian Grondahl                                        Peony in Love - Lisa See
The Jewel in the Crown - Paul Scott                                   The Final Bet - Abdelilah Hamdouchi
The Day of the Scorpion - Paul Scott                                        545
The Towers of Silence - Paul Scott                                              
A Division of the Spoils - Paul Scott                                           Red Threads - Rex Stout
Political death - Antonia Fraser                                                To the North - Elizabrth Bowen
Lark Rise - Flora Thompson                                                 The World according to Bertie - Alexander McCall Smith
Over to Candleford - Flora Thompson                                   Grave Secret - Charlaine Harris
Candleford Green - Flora Thompson                                     An Ice Cold Grave - Charlaine Harris
The Marble Orchard - William F Nolan                                 Slowly the Poison - June Drummond
                                                                       Fire from Heaven - Mary Renault      559
The Etruscan Net - Michael Gilbert                                South Riding - Wimifred Holtby
The Tango Briefing - Adam Hall                                           Our Man in Havana - Graham Greene
The Bondmaid - Pearl S Buck                                       Colonel Sun - Robert Markham   

This Proud Heart - Pearl S Buck                               Magnet of Doom - Georges Simenon
Founder Member - John Gardner     568                             
Papa La-Bas - John Dickson Carr                             Because of the Cats - Nicholas Freeling
The Odessa File - Frederick Forsyth                           Gun before Butter - Nicholas Freeling
Keeping the Dead - Tess Gerritsen                           
Breakneck - Erica Spindler                                     
Kiling the Shadows - Val McDermid                                Some Tame Gazelle - Barbara Pym   576

A Devil is Waiting - Jack Higgins                                   A Glass of Blessings - Barbara Pym
 Chapter and Hearse - Catherine Aird

Boudicca : Dreaming the Bull - Manda Scott  580                The Bridges of Madison County - Robert James Waller
Enemy of God - Bernard Cornwell                               Kill Alex Cross - James Patterson
 Suite Francaise - Irene Nemirovsky   584
Coastliners - Joanne Harris                                             
When we were Orphans - Kazuo Ishiguro                         Area Code 212 - Tam Janowitz
Slaves of New York - Tama Janowitz                                  The Surgeon - Tess Gerritsen    589

Black Money - Ross MacDonald                                    In the Presence of the Enemy - Elizabeth George
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee - Rebecca Miller                       
East into Upper East - Ruth Prawer Jhabvala                                 Death for Old Time`s Sake - AJ Orde   
The Coroner`s Lunch - Colin Cotterill                                           
Calling a dead Man - Gillian Cross                                             596

The Fourth Treasure - Todd Shimoda                                           
A Dubious Legacy - Mary Wesley                                               The Golden Notebook - Doris Lessing
                                                    Flying Dutch - Tom Holt  600
The Casual Vacancy - JK Rowling                                                  The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton
Deception on his Mind - Elizabeth George                      We were the Mulvaneys - Joyce Carol Oates            
Murder at the Laurels - Lesley Cookman                       White Corridor - Christopher Fowler
The Fifth Witness - Michael Connelly                              A Place of Confinement - Anna Dean 
 A  Shadow Year by Hannah Richell         The Fear Index by Robert Harris                                             610                                                      
Twilight - Nancy Pickard                                                     
Confession: A Jenny Cain Mystery- Nancy Pickard                          612
The Fallen Angel - Daniel Silva                                      Disco for the Departed - Colin Cotterill   
  Any Human Heart - William Boyd                                         
   If Morning ever Comes - Anne Tyler
 The Various Flavours of Coffee - Anthony Capella       
                                A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters - Julian Barnes
Full Stop - Joan Smith                                                       A new Dominion - Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
 From the Land of Shadows - Clive James
 The Elegance of the Hedgehog - Muriel Barbery   
The Crossing Places - Elly Griffiths                                                623

The darling Buds of May - He Bates                                   A breath of French Air - HE Bates
 When the Green Woods laugh - HE Bates                         Oh! To be in England - HE Bates
 A little of What you fancy - HE Bates                                The Memory Keeper`s daughter - Kim Edwards
A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian - Marina Lewycka                 Quentins - Maeve Binchy
The Vet's Daughter - Barbara Comyns                                       
Sisters By A River - Barbara Comyns                                          
 Our Spoons Came From Woolworths - Barbara Comyns             Pomfret Towers - Angela Thirkell
                                                            The league of Frightened men - Rex Stout   
 Beastly Things - Donna Leon     .637

The Desperate Remedy - Martin Stephens                                        The Conscience of the King - Martin Stephens        
A is for Alibi - Sue Grafton                                                                   B is for Burglar Sue Grafton
 C is for Corpse - Sue Grafton                                                             A Dark-Adapted eye - Barbara Vine ( Ruth Rendell )    643
The Good Earth - Pearl S Buck                                                            
  Rose Cottage  - Mary Stewart                     

Lasting Damage - Sophie Hannah                       The Point of Rescue - Sophie Hannah    

What came before he shot her - Elizabeth George    This body of death - Elizabeth George   

The Morville Hours - Katherine Swift  

Raven Black - Ann Cleaves     

The Prince of Mist - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The House of Doctor Dee - Peter Ackroyd


Trick of the Dark - Val McDermid

Into the Blue - Robert Goddard

The Flight - MR Hall


Daughters in Law - Joanna Trollope     657

Second Honeymoon - Joannna Trollope



2666 - Roberto Bolano 

A Tree grows in Brooklyn - Betty Smith


The Light-Hearted Quest - Ann Bridge

The Towers of Trebizond - Rose Macauley


Maigret and Monsieur Charles, Maigret and the Dosser, Maigret and the Millionaires, Maigret and the Gangsters - Georges Simenon

A Confusion of Princes - Garth Nix

The Snare of the Hunter - Helen MacInnes

Agent in Place - Helen MacInnes

Short Stories - EM Forster

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry - Rachel Joyce

One Shot - Lee Child

Blood and Beauty - Sarah Dunant   673


High Road to China - Jon Cleary

The Luminaries - Eleanor Catton

The Limpopo Academy of Private Investigation - Alexander McCall Smith

One Night in Winter - Simon Sebag Montefiore


The Winter Ghosts - Kate Mosse

Jolie Blon`s Bounce - James Lee Burke

The Island of Doctor Moreau, The Invisible Man - HG Wells   681


 Send for Paul Temple, , Send for Paul Temple again, Paul Temple and the Harkdale Robbery - Francis Durbridge 

The Dark Heart of Florence - Michele Giuttari     

Golden Earrings - Belinda Alexandra    

Love, Nina - Nina Stibbe    


The Valley of Amazement - Amy Tan   

 The Doorbell Rang, The Second Confession , More Deaths than One - Rex Stout    

The English Girl - Daniel Silva   

Raising Steam - Terry Pratchett     

A Delicate Truith - John Le Carre , Cockroaches, Police - Jo Nesbo     696 



The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon - Alexander McCall Smith  

Belshazzar`s daughter - Barbara Nadel 

A tale for the Time Being - Ruth Ozeki      699




 Blood Price - Tanya Huff        700


If Walls could Talk - Lucy Worsley

The Firebrand - Marion Zimmer Bradley

Kajira of Gor - John Norman

The Kingdom of Light - Giulio Leoni    704


Dusty Answer - Roasamond Lehmann

Black Roses (Clara Vine 1)  - Jane Thynne

The Kizuna Coast: A Rei Shimura Mystery: 11 (The Rei Shimura Mysteries)  - Sujata Massey

Behold, Here's Poison Why Shoot a Butler? - Georgette Heyer



 Blott on the Landscape - Tom Sharpe

Coming Home - Melanie Rose

Cinnamon Gardens - Shyam Selvadurai

Leaving the Saints - Martha Beck

The Blind assassin - Margaret Atwood

Hasty Death - MC Beaton

Gut Symmetries - Jeanette Winterson

The ladies of Grace Adieu - Susanna Clarke   716


Killing the Goose, Murder comes first,   - The Lockridges  


No Deals, Mr Bond - John Gardner  


 Call after Midnight - Tess Gerritsen   

Wise Children - Angela Carter         

Elizabeth is Missing - Emma Healey        

Daughter of the River - Hong Ying      

Zoo Time - Howard Jacobsen  724           

Thrush Green, Winter in Thrush Green, News from Thrush Green  - Miss Read       


The Edge of Doom -  Amanda Cross


The Track of Sand - Andre Camilleri 


Bones Never Lie - Kathy Reichs 


More Amelia Peabody books - The Serpent on the Crown , A River in the Sky, Tomb of the Golden Bird

Carol Goodman Books - The Drowning Tree , The Seduction of Water ,  The Ghost Orchid  736


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TBR Part Three :


Who Killed Father Christmas - Patricia Moyes



The Silent Sister - Diane Chamberlain

Duet - Carol Shields

Pzyche - Amanda Hemingway

Strangers - Taichi Yamada



All My Puny Sorrows - Miriam Toews

Dreams of Gods and Monsters - Laini Taylor

Ripper - Isabel Allende   744


Black Diamond, crowded grave, - Martin Walker   746



  Death of a Perfect mother, Death in a Cold Climate, Death of a Mystery Writer- Robert Barnard


Truth and beauty - Ann patchett

Mr and Mrs North - Frances and Richard Lockridge



Under the Duvet - marian Keyes

Spark Joy - Marie Kondo



The Wind-up Bird Chronicle - Haruki Murakami   756

Dreaming Spies - Laurie R King




Everyone Worth Knowing - Lauren Weisberger

Crooked Little Heart - Anne lamott

House of echoes - Barbara erskine

The Cutting Season - Attica Locke

Death of a red Heroine - Qiu Xiaolong   762


Bridget Jones : Mad about the Boy - Helen Fielding

Postscript to Poison - Dorothy Bowers

Tall tail - Rita Mae Brown



The Black Rustle, The Black Stocking - Little Sisters


Night of Shadows, the Devious Ones,  , Let dead enough alone,  Streak of light, The old die young,   And left for dead,  The Tenth Life,   A plate of red herrings, Twice retired, Death on the hour,  Not I said the Sparrow, Dead run, Inspector`s Holiday,   - Richard and Frances Lockridge   780


The Outside World - Tova Mirvis




Ghostwritten - David Mitchell ,

The Believers - Zoe Heller

Hiding from the Light - Barbara Erskine 785



The Finkler Question - Howard Jacobson

The Holy Thief - Ellis Peters

Elizabeth and her German Garden - Elizabeth Von Arnim

The Other Queen - Philippa Gregory

Little Face - Sophie Hannah

Stiff News - Catherine Aird

Pagan Spring - GM Malliet

A Noble Killing - Barbara Nadel



Lost Lake - Sarah Addison Allen

Immortal in Death, Vengeance in Death, Rapture in Death, Ceremony in Death,Glory in Death, Holiday in Death - JD Robb   800

Does this Church make me look fat ? - Rhoda Janzen

Fundraising the Dead - Sheila Connolly

Catalogue of Death, Bookmarked to Die - Jo Dereske

Kaaterskills Falls - Allegra Goodman

Grime and Punishment - Jill Churchill

Killer Librarian - Mary Lou Kirwin

The Best of Pat McDermott, Australian Women`s Weekly Columns

Speaking in Bones - Kathy Recihs

The Black Paw, The Black Dream- Constance & Gwenyth Little

Kickboxing Geishas - Veronica Chambers

Wedding Cake Murder - Joanne Fluke

City of bones - Cassandra Clare

The Shepherd`s Crown - Terry Pratchett  815


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TBR Part Four :



Hardboiled and Hardluck - Banana Yoshimoto
  Adam Hall - Pekin Target , Quiller KGB , The warsaw document
  The Thirteenth Tale - Diane Setterfield
 Japanland - Karen Muller
 The Rabbit Back Literature Society - Pasi Ilmari Jaaskelainen
 Murder most frothy - Cleo Coyle
 A taste for murder , A dash of death - Claudia Bishop
 Night of the living deed - EJ Copperman
 Finding your way - Martha Beck
 Pilgrimage - The Tunnel, Interim, Deadlock, Revolving Lights, The Trap  - Dorothy Richardson
The Faceless Adversary , The Tangled Cord , Squire of Death ,   - Frances and Richard Lockridge


More Mystery Cats , Mystery Cats III  - short stories by various authors

The Black Thumb , The Black Gloves , The Black Goatee   - Constance and Gwenyth Little

  The Nature of the Beast - Louise Penny


 The Grimm Legacy - Polly Shulman

 Latte Trouble - Cleo Coyle

The Horizontal Man - Helen Eustis

 Family Matters - Pat McDermott    847


 Quiller Balalaika - Adam Hall

 The Seventh Sinner - Elizabeth Peters


Die like an Eagle - Donna Andrews

  Manhattan Memoir -  American Girl, Manhattan when I was Young, Speaking with Strangers - Mary Cantwell

 Quest of the Bogeyman - Richard lockridge 


 Death and the Olive Grove - Marco Vichi 

The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins

Notorious Nineteen - Janet Evanovich 

 Murder in Jerusalem, Bethlehem Road Murder,   - Batya Gur  860

Plant Dreaming Deep - May Sarton

Early Riser - Jasper Fforde


The Japanese Lover - Isabel Allende

Underfoot in Show Business - Helene Hanff   864



Queen of the Damned - Anne Rice

The Martian - Andy Weir      866


You and Your Money - Alvin Hall

The King`s Curse, the Lady of the Rivers, The White Queen - Philippa Gregory

The Remake - Clive James   871


An American Spy - Olen Steinhauer

Kolymsky Heights - Lionel Davidson


Riding Shotgun, Starting from Scratch, Animal Magnetism , Rita Will : Memoir of a Literary Rabble Rouser  - Rita Mae Brown

The Amethyst Spectacle - Frances Crane 

The Hollow Man - John Dickson Carr 

Bodies in a Bookshop - RT Campbell 

Saturday the Rabbi went Hungry - Harry Kemelman 

Christmas Caramel Murder - Joanne Fluke  

Quick Curtain - Alan Melville 

Unbinding the Heart - Agapi Stassinopoulos

The Complete Peanuts Vol 26 - Charles M Schulz 

Thirteen Guests - J. Jefferson Farjeon 

 Edwin of the Iron Shoes - Marcia Muller 

Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

Murder is a Collector`s Item - Elizabeth Dean 

Hats Off, Joyce by Herself and her Friends - Joyce Grenfell    891


The Wells Bequest - Polly Shulman

13 White Tulips, The Yellow Violet, Murder on the Purple Water, The Golden Box - Frances Crane  


She shall have murder, Murder maestro please  - Delano Ames

Murder a mile high , Murder is a serious business- Elizabeth Dean

Deed without a name, Fear and Miss betony- Dorothy Bowers

Thresholds - Sheere Hirsch

Without Reservations - Alice Steinbach

The Santa Klaus Murder - Mavis Doriel Hay

Geisha - Lesley Downer

Green Shiver - Clyde B Clason

Murder past due - Miranda James

Painted for the Kill - Lucy Cores

At Seventy, I knew a Phoenix, The house by the sea, At 82, Encore, Endgame, After the Stroke, Recovering   - May Sarton

Why is my mother getting a tattoo? - Jancee Dunn  
Old haunts, chance of a ghost, an uninvited ghost- EJ Copperman
Murder loves company - John Mersereau
Class reunion - Rona Jaffe
Seven Blessings - Ruchama King
Wind, Pinball - Haruki Murakami
The Guest cat - Takahashi Hiraide
Death of an Englishman - Magdalen Hobb
Cassandra at the Wedding - Dorothy Baker
Amrita - Banana Yoshimoto
Murder on the Matterhorn - Glyn Carr
The Bone Collection - Kathy Reichs
Mystics, mavericks and Merrymakers - Stephanie Wellen Levine
The Missing Link - Katharine Farrer
Graduates in Wonderland - Jessica Pan
The Charming Quirks of Others - Alexander McCall Smith
The little old lady who broke all the rules - Kathatina Ingelman Sundberg
The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella
Blood on the wood - Gillian Linscott
The White darkness - Geraldine Mcaughrean
The 5th Horseman - James Patterson
The blood of flowers - Anita Amirrezvani 
Eloise - Judy Finnegan
The short second life of bree tanner - Stephanie meyer
To the ends of the earth - June Gadsby
Golem`s Eye, Ptolemy`s gate - Jonathan Stroud
Inkheart - Cornelia Funke
The Unbearable lightness of being in Aberystwyth - Malcolm Pryce
The case of the imaginary detective - Karen Joy Fowler
The Yacoubian Building - Alaa As Aswany
Impossible Things , Remake- Connie Willis
But enough about me - Jancee Dunn
It`s all too much - Peter Walsh
The Black Curl , The Black Smith, The Blackout- Constance and Gwenyth Little
Hawthorn - Carol Goodman
Inspector Spectre , The Thrill of the Haunt, Ghost in the Wind- EJ Copperman
Silent Witness - Margaret Yorke
Devotion - Dani Shapiro
American Housewife - Helen Ellis
May Sarton Collected Letters 1955-1995
A Thousand Pieces of you ,Ten thousand Skies above you - Claudia Gray
Death Overdue - Mary Lou Kirwan
The Pink Umbrella - Frances Crane
Banana Cream Pie Murder - Joanne Fluke
A Bed of Scorpions - Judith Flanders
The Mamo Murders - Juanita Sheridan
The Waters of Eternal Youth - Donna Leon
The Apple of my Eye, Letter from New York -Helene Hanff
Keep Cool, Mr Jones - Timothy Fuller
The Long and the Short of it - Jodi Taylor
The Corpse steps out - Craig Rice
Runaway Man - David Handler
The last gift of Time - Carolyn Heilbrun

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TBR Part Five


The Turquoise Shop - Frances Crane

The Waikiki Widow - Juanita Sheridan

One Coffee with, Baby Doll games, Right Jack, Death of a Butterfly - Margaret Maron

Bridget Jones` Baby - Helen Fielding

NP - Banana Yoshimoto

South of the Border, West of the Sun - Haruki Murakami

Goldenhand - Garth Nix

Change for the Worse - Elizabeth Lemarchand

The Devil in Velvet - John Dickson Carr

The Duchess of Bloomsbury, 84 Charing Cross road, Q`s Legacy - Helene Hanff

The Painted Queen, Street of the Five Moons - Elizabeth Peters

A Life of One`s Own - Marion Milner

The Passenger - :Lisa Lutz

The Small Room, The Fur Person, Among the Usual Days - May Sarton

The Republic Of Love - carol Shields

Fellowship of Fear - Aaron Elkins

Too Many Cooks spoil the Broth - Tamar Myers

Cross talk - Connie Willis


Gone Gull - Donna Andrews

No Wind of Blame, Duplicate Death - Georgette Heyer

The Murder of mary Russell , mary Russell`s war- Laurie R King

The Grand Tour - Agatha Christie

You can buy happiness - Tammy Strobel

The Black Widow - Daniel Silva

The Art of Detection - Laurie R King

The Bone People - Kerry Hulme

The Quotient of Murder - Ada Madison

My not so perfect life - Sophie Kinsella

conclave - Robert Harris

Lips touch - Laini Taylor

The Cretan Counterfeit - katharine farrer

Christmas caramel Murder - Joanne Fluke

Headcase - Cole Cohen


Helen of Troy, the hemlock Cup - Bettany Hughes

The End of Mr Y - Scarlett Thomas

the Thirst - Jo Nesbo

Earthly Remains - Donna Leon

Into the Dim - Janet B Taylor

 this is the story of a happy Marriage - Ann Patchett

My Venice - Donna Leon


Aunt Dimity and the Buried Treasure - Nancy Atherton

Fifty days of Solitude - Doris Grumbach

The Spiral Staircase - Karen Armstrong

Cleaving - Julie Powell

The Applegreen Cat - frances Crane

Student Body - JS Borthwick

Midnight in Austenland - Shannon hale


Breathing Lessons - Anne Tyler

In this House of brede - Rumer Godden

A year in the Life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess

Fangirl - rainbow rowell

The Freedom Trap, High Citadel, Bahama Crisis - Desmond Bagley

the Kabul beauty School - Deborah Rodriguez

A thousand days in venice - Marlena de Blasi

Scarpetta - patricia Cornwell

the Rosie project - Graeme Simsion

Henry VIII King and Court, Lancaster and York - Alison Weir

The Other Queen, The White Queen, The Lady of the Rivers- Philippa Gregory

Conspiracy - SJ Parris


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TBR Part Six


Ride a Pale Horse, The Double Image, The Unconquerable, Assignment in Brittany, Above Suspicion, Horizon - Helen Macinnes

Death of an Airman - Christopher St John Sprigg

Happenstance - Carol Shields

Overtime, Ye Gods - Tom Holt

The Grave Maurice, The Stargazey - Martha Grimes

Whispering Shadow - Jan-Philip Sendker

Welcome to the World, baby Girl ! - Fannie Flagg

Daughters of Fire - Barbara Erskine

Garden Spells - Sarah Addison Allan

The Town in Bloom - Dodie Smith

The memory Box - Margaret Forster

A Death in the family - Hazel Holt


The Nakano Thrift Shop - Hiromi Kawakami,

Origin - Dan Brown,

Soulful Simplicity - Courtney Carver,

The Cambridge Murders - Glyn Daniel, 

Goodbye Tsugumi, Lizard - Banana Yoshimoto,

Jane Austen : A Life - Claire Tomalin,

Tel Aviv Noir ( A short story collection )

, How the Finch stole Christmas - Donna Andrews

, A Hiss before Dying - Rita Mae Brown

, The Odd Woman and the City, Fierce Attachments - Vivian Gornick

 Tolstoy and the Purple Chair - Nina Sankovitch


Black Cypress, Three days in Hong kong, The Daffodil Blonde, Murder in Blue Street, The Polkadot Murder, Horror on the Ruby X - Frances Crane

Index to Murder, Farewell Miss Zukas - Jo Dereske

Death in a Sunny Place - Richard lockridge

Guardian of Innocence - Judy Boynton

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Book recommendations :


The Martian ( Gaia, Anna )

Queen of the Damned ( Gaia )

For Whom the Bell Tolls ( Anna )

The Good Earth ( Anna ) 


Bobbly Books  


Alias Grace - Margaret Atwood

The Blind assassin - Margaret Atwood

The Swarm - Frank Schatzing 

 Life of Pi - Yann Martell

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - Mark Haddon

The Casual Vacancy - JK Rowling

The Wind-up Bird Chronicle - Haruki Murakami


Chalie books


Her Fearful Symmetry

The Time Traveller`s Wife

The Book Thief

The Prince of Mist,

 Marie Kondo


Hayley books

The Book Thief
 David Copperfield
Wish you well - David Baldacci ( Muggle )
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Books read : 52                 TBR  : no idea !!             New Books Bought : 19                       Total Cost : £ 09.50


And welcome to another year of Readingness ! :D


The first week of January, I had to go to Bridgnorth Hospital for a hearing test ( It`s okay-ish :) ) and the Hospital Cafe had 6 or 7 huge bookcases filled with books - all @ 50p - to raise money. :o


I may have bought some books...:giggle2:







Edited by Little Pixie

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First off, I wish you a very happy year of reading in 2018 :readingtwo::D!! I look forward to be following your (b)log :)!


Secondly, wow, you have read 52 books this year so far (in these 23 days of January) :o!! I am stunned :D. Were those Witch books by Amanda M. Lee any good? Some of the titles sound creative :). Are they mysteries with some fantasy elements mixed in?


(EDIT: Ah I just saw you posted about them in the Cozy Mysteries thread. Mystery solved :D!)


Great picture of the books you bought, 50p is really cheap! I own 3 Tom Holt books (Little People; Nothing But Blue Skies; Valhalla), have you read any of his? I haven't yet, I don't know if they'll be good but they sounded good (well, I got Little People for free). I hope you enjoy all of the books you bought :D!


Edited by Athena

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8 hours ago, Athena said:

First off, I wish you a very happy year of reading in 2018 :readingtwo::D!! I look forward to be following your (b)log :)!


Secondly, wow, you have read 52 books this year so far (in these 23 days of January) :o!! I am stunned :D. Were those Witch books by Amanda M. Lee any good? Some of the titles sound creative :). Are they mysteries with some fantasy elements mixed in?


(EDIT: Ah I just saw you posted about them in the Cozy Mysteries thread. Mystery solved :D!)


Great picture of the books you bought, 50p is really cheap! I own 3 Tom Holt books (Little People; Nothing But Blue Skies; Valhalla), have you read any of his? I haven't yet, I don't know if they'll be good but they sounded good (well, I got Little People for free). I hope you enjoy all of the books you bought :D!



Thank you, thank you ! :D


Once I`ve caught up a bit more, I`ll do a proper, big ` books I liked on Kindle Unlimited`. :)


I ended up forgoing TV and newspapers ( I now have three massive piles of papers :hide: ) for quite a few weeks and just focused on reading on Kindle. Towards the end, I was cramming in 3 books a day ( or the equivalent in novellas/short stories : 10 of those Amanda M Lee books were shorts, taking around 45-60 mins to read each ). I`d really recommend the Amanda M Lee`s Wicked Witches of the Midwest books ( though not really the first in the series ; I think she was still finding her feet as an author, and the characters don`t really `pop` like they do in the later books). They`re cosy mysteries with a bit of fantasy, though there are also 4 books in the series which are proper urban fantasies ( which I didn`t get round to reading, but will get to when I take out Kindle Unlimited for a month, at the end of this year or beginning of this year - I considered paying for a month when my 3-month trial ended, but with such a newspaper backlog already.... plus, this way my favourite authors will have written more books, and I`ll get to read those too ).


While the Witch books are really funny, they also have realistic elements. Bay - the main character - was bullied at school because she was different ( she can see ghosts ) and there are some great scenes where Great Aunt Tillie uses magic to deal with people who previously bullied her family. :)


I`ve read a couple of Tom Holt books ; The Portable Door, I think it was called ? I also got a couple of his books in the Save the Kitties shop, and they turned out to be signed, which I was quite excited about. :D

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15 hours ago, Little Pixie said:

Once I`ve caught up a bit more, I`ll do a proper, big ` books I liked on Kindle Unlimited`. :)


I look forward to reading that :).


15 hours ago, Little Pixie said:

I ended up forgoing TV and newspapers ( I now have three massive piles of papers :hide: ) for quite a few weeks and just focused on reading on Kindle. Towards the end, I was cramming in 3 books a day ( or the equivalent in novellas/short stories : 10 of those Amanda M Lee books were shorts, taking around 45-60 mins to read each ). I`d really recommend the Amanda M Lee`s Wicked Witches of the Midwest books ( though not really the first in the series ; I think she was still finding her feet as an author, and the characters don`t really `pop` like they do in the later books). They`re cosy mysteries with a bit of fantasy, though there are also 4 books in the series which are proper urban fantasies ( which I didn`t get round to reading, but will get to when I take out Kindle Unlimited for a month, at the end of this year or beginning of this year - I considered paying for a month when my 3-month trial ended, but with such a newspaper backlog already.... plus, this way my favourite authors will have written more books, and I`ll get to read those too ).


While the Witch books are really funny, they also have realistic elements. Bay - the main character - was bullied at school because she was different ( she can see ghosts ) and there are some great scenes where Great Aunt Tillie uses magic to deal with people who previously bullied her family. :)


Wow, you've got a lot of newspapers to catch up on then (and TV too). Short stories and novellas don't take as much time to read, that's true :). I'll definitely have a look at the Witched Witches of the Midwest series, I have put the first two on my wishlist (and you're in my books recommended to me in 2017 post!).


15 hours ago, Little Pixie said:

I`ve read a couple of Tom Holt books ; The Portable Door, I think it was called ? I also got a couple of his books in the Save the Kitties shop, and they turned out to be signed, which I was quite excited about. :D


That's nice to hear :). Signed, wow, that is very lucky :D!

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