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Chiaki Nanami

Which is the best Game of Thrones edition ?

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I would like to finally read the GOT books, the 5 books currently out.


Now, I could not explain in details what I mean by "best" in the title, so here is what it personally means to me in this case: 

I want to get the most of the books and avoid any missing details that are in others editions.

My question is about the content of the books, if there are any variation in length, details, missing passages and obviously quality and style.


So, maybe some of you know which edition fits the best my wishes.

Thank you

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As far as I know, all editions have all the content. I don’t think there’s any editions missing passages, so you’re safe wherever you buy them.


I bought the five books as paperbacks published by Bantam for roughly 25 euros on the German website of Amazon - in English.

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