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Matt Johnson

User banned after posting

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I've just been contacted by a book blogger I did an author interview for. Apparently she posted on the forum, it seemed to load up ok, and then it disappeared and her attempts to log in and discover what went wrong result in her getting a 'banned' page.


As she is unable to ask you herself, I offered to ask for her.


Presumably she broke a forum 'rule' but it's hard to find out what is there is no advice, no warning, just a removal of her post and her log-in banned.

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This is really not the way to deal with this, but as you’ve made it public, I’ll answer you. I received her email a couple of hours ago, but as I’m a nurse I’ve only just gotten home from work


I belive it was removed because it would be deemed a promotional post, which we have strict guidelines about. We specifically ask people not to join to simply promote a book or author, which is basically what she’s done. These ‘rules’ are very clearly laid out in our Announcements section.


All other interviews on this forum have been carried out by myself or my staff members, not forum members. Again, a little time looking in that section would have made that quite clear. 

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