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thebookworm95 says hello to everyone...

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...or as we say in Switzerland "Grüezi mitenand" :)


I was very impressed when I discovered this forum. I looked around as a guest for a while, but I just had to make an account. So, here I am.

I hope, we will have a great time together and I'll try my best with my writing (english isn't my native language).


For my preferences: I actually read everything, but mostly I read science fiction and fantasy books (german and english), but I really don't mind, if there's a romance involved. Occasionally I even read an auto-biography, for example "Abraham Lincoln". At the moment I'm totally fascinated by lesbian romance books, so I pracitcally "hunt my way through the lesbian-romance-book forest", as I have read 76 novels so far (shorter and longer ones).


Well that's it I guess. If you have any questions, just comment here or write me ;)

Sincerely, your bookworm.

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