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zorba's dancing pig

very unique, one of a kind book

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Hello there. I'm new here. Created this account because I have been having difficulty getting suggestions on what to do with this book. It is a copy of James Steven's Big Jim Turner. Not a popular book by a not very popular author. However, it is filled with interesting bits. First, it has an inscription from the author to his wife saying that it is the first copy off the press. Second, it is loaded with letters between the author and his wife, along with one on James' letterhead notepaper, and what appears to be a typed and hand edited Seattle Times review of the book. I know for the right person this could be interesting stuff, I just need to find that person or someone who can help me find them. Any suggestions would be helpful. 


thanks all


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I hope someone can can give me a suggestion. Anything really. I haven't received any feedback from any of the online antique companies I've contacted. I've never sold any of my antique books though, so I know nothing of the process for finding the right person for unique items.

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