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Teen horror novel, boy who renews his youth, something with fog forcing people to kill one another

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I'm looking for a teen horror novel that is at least ten years old.  It was the first book of a series.


Here are the details I remember:

- it had a romance plot.  The boy was immortal because renewed his youth through some sort of ritual with holding his face over a bowl of steam or fog, and he wanted to share it with the girl so they could be young together forever

- I think the boy controlled a fog that would surround people and force them to kill one another.  I remember a scene where the town would reenact a chainsaw or axe massacre that had made the area famous or something.  The fog came while they were all playacting at murder, and then they started actually murdering each other

- I remember a very specific line about "a single blue eyeball" where the boy was confronted by some popular kids (?) and the fog surrounded them in a shack and they started screaming, and all that remained was the eyeball

- the sequel, which I remember giving up on, started with the boy and the girl from the first book, who have not aged because they're both now using the ritual.  The boy has an interest in a new girl, and the first girl (her name might have been Kim?  I'm just remembering that as I type, so I might be completely wrong) starts to get jealous and whiny, and the boy things about how he might need to kill her


Please let me know if this sounds familiar, this book has haunted me since the fifth grade :)  Thank you!

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