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Got into a heated debate recently on the rise of independent publishers. I've got to admit that I have always been pretty sceptical about indie publishing, assuming that it was only for the desperate, but our book group had a talk recently that said a lot of established authors are turning indie because of poor publishing deals and new authors are going down that route because traditional publishing isn't interested in marketing them. I was surprised to discover that one of my favourite authors, Colin Falconer, (I'm no relatiation or friend) seems to be independently publishing under the Cool Gus label.


It's made me waver in my opinions on indie authors. Wondered what anyone else's experience had been.

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As an indie author myself, my own experience has been mixed. You have to be discerning as with anything else, and pick and choose. If in doubt, read or download a sample chapter and then decide. There is some great stuff out there for sure, but there is also some dross. Having said this, it is all subjective anyway, as one man's (or woman's) junk is another ones treasure ...   

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