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Nice to be back!

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Hi everyone (and Happy New Year)!


I posted on this forum for a short time about two years ago. Then coursework took over my life, and I left for some time. I often found myself thinking about the interesting discussions I'd had on here, and the people I'd met. So, I'm pleased to be back!


I've changed quite a lot since I was last here. Though my favourite books and authors are still the same! I love the Brontës, and Wilkie Collins. Also Daphne du Maurier, particularly Jamaica Inn. Anything with a good setting that's tied up to the atmosphere!


In modern literature, I love Mark Haddon's 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime' and I'm currently reading his short story collection. I tend to enjoy quite obscure modern books that I rarely see people talking about. Preeta Samarasan's 'Evening is the Whole Day', Janni Visman's 'Yellow', Krys Lee's short story collection 'Drifting House' are all favourites. I love anything that ramps up the tension like du Maurier!


I'm a critical reader, and though reading is a hobby, I rarely find a book I like! The majority of books I read, I get through a few chapters and then get fed up. I'm quite picky, I suppose! :D


I've tried my hand at writing a few times, but it didn't really get anywhere. My ideas tend to be too sprawling, so I never get past the planning stages. I'm attempting short stories now, because they have to be concise. I'm doing an English Literature and Creative Writing Degree with the Open University, and the creative writing part starts next year, so hopefully that will guide me a bit!


Looking forward to posting!

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Hi and welcome, good luck with the writing.  Jamaica Inn is one of my favourites too.

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Thank you for welcoming me back everyone!


Welcome back, SunnyShadows. I like your name - atmospheric in itself! Let's hope for some sun to make some shadows - it's grey and damp here in Kent.

Thanks, I think that's probably the reason I chose that name. Yes, the weather has been rather grim where I am as well. The new year started with rain for me, but I'm hoping for sun sometime soon!:)

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