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Anything with zombies?

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I'm a huge fan of the zombie fiction, especially if it's innovative, brutal and well written. Unfortunately I haven't found many zombie books written well. I'd like to have something with different characters, primarily focusing on their emotions after the apocalypse rather than just killing everybody off and moving from one place to the other without any reason.



I am grateful for any recommendation

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Great! I read a review and it totally sounds worth reading.


I read World War Z and I gotta say it's too much army mumbo jumbo for my taste. But I am open to more suggestions as I read pretty much :smile:

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The Generation Dead series by Daniel  Waters is a pretty interesting, its young adult.  

Warm Bodies by Issac Marion

The New Hunger (Prequel to 'Warm Bodies') by Issac Marion

A Questionable Shape by Bennett Sims

Find Me by Laura van den Berg

As the World dies series by Rhiannon Frater



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