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The heroine's family and the heroe's family have been friends and business partners for nearly 3 generations. So both the families were all for getting these 2 married. It was very nearly an arranged marriage but the 2 protagonists have genuine affection for each other. But then the heroine's evil cousin who is jealous of her and is kinda attracted to the hero confuses the heroine by saying that the hero is marrying her only because he didn't have a choice and all such nonsense. So the girl runs away on the marriage and the hero never quite forgives her. After a few years the heroine is forced to come back due to some unavoidable circumstance like a Grandpa's death or something. The hero is an architect and the girl is also a board member in their family,'s joint company. Even after all these years both of them are still very much in love with each other but too stubborn to admit it. The hero even designs a house for her grandmother.

Somebody please help me find the book. I don't remember if it was a mills and boon. I think the cover of the book had a picture of the heroe's big mansion with it's big gates.

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Yes it's a very vague description, and the picture on the book cover you describe is quite a common one!  Any idea of the era it's set in eg 1940s, 1970s for example, or the country?  Sounds like a family saga type of book but there are a lot of those out there.

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