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The Many Selves of Katherine North

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Kit has been projecting into other species for seven years.

Longer than anyone else at ShenCorp.
Longer than any of the scientists thought possible.
But lately she has the feeling that when she jumps she isn't alone… 


I have to admit, I first noticed this because of the cover, and then the intriguing blurb. Although I'm not doing much reviewing at the moment, when the publisher noticed me tweeting about it, and offered me a copy, I couldn't resist. 


Set in the near future, Kit is an phenomenaut, which means she is able, with the aid of technology, to project her consciousness  into the body of a lab grown animal. In this state, she is able to fully experience how it feels to become that animal, including it's thoughts and instincts, as well as the physical sensations.


I admit, for some, this concept may not work.. I did find myself wanting to know more about the process itself, the science behind it etc, and that is never really explained in detail. However, once the story began to take hold, I could forgive it for that, and enjoyed just experiencing the story telling.


Kit's experiences of projection are the heart of this book, and the descriptions of living as another animal were quite stunning, and it's something I could have read a lot more of. I also liked the insights into Kit's character - the way she felt attached to the animals, but also how she questioned her own humanity the longer she spent as part of them.


There's also a mystery and thriller aspect to the story, as Kit starts to question those around her, and her own safety. I'm not going to go into any details here, but I was glad how one aspect was resolved. 


From loving the cover, I found myself falling for the concept, the story, and most of the characters. So much so, I've ordered a signed copy to sit on my shelf. I'm preparing myself for the fact that not everyone will feel that same, but for me, it's a strong contender for my book of the year. 

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