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Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

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I finished this book about 2 months ago but certain things lingered with me. I liked all of the stories with the exception of the Luisa Rey one, it made me cringe quite alot! But i supose that was its purpose, written in the style of airport fiction.


My favourite character was Robert without a doubt, he was how i imagined hanging around Patrick Wolf would be like.


The six stories were well woven together but dare i say it, a little needlessly? It did feel abit of a gimmick the way the characters were reincarnations of eachother, that took the sheen of it for me. It felt that it was there just for the sake of it and made the tales harder to believe. Maybe someone could explain to me why that bit was necessary?


Another thing that grated on me was (sorry to rant): The way the character in the sixth(middle) story diobeyed the 2nd rule he was given and it had no consequence for him, except to make his journey of the island slightly more difficult?


These minor points aside I still found it a good read and it was difficult for me to put down at times!

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