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Feature Article on indie bookshops

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Hi all,



my name is Eleni and I'm a freelance journalist now working on a feature article about independent bookshops in the UK.



I would love to include some general views of booklovers in it! 


So it would be brilliant if you can answer any of the following questions you fancy:



Name and Surname: Only if you don't mind me dropping in a small quote (of course I will not include your name otherwise!)



Age group: <25, 25-35, 35-50, 45-60, >60



Do you prefer to read print books or e-books and why 



Do you buy print books even though they are more expensive than e-books?



Where do you buy your books from?



Do you have a favorite local independent bookshop? What do you love most about indies? 



What do books mean to you?


What types of books to you love best?


Have your tastes changed throughout the years and if yes how?


Thank you all very much!! 







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