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Ever been taken completely by a new genre approached with no or little expectation?

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The 'Gaiman' adventure continues for me within the covers of "American Gods" as per my introduction. All part of a promise this year to explore each and every genre, whatever my prior expectation, where I have never left a footprint previously.


"He was looking at Mr Nancy, an old black man with a pencil moustache, in his check sports jacket and his lemon-yellow gloves, riding a carousel lion as it rose and lowered, high in the air; and, at the same time, in the same place, he saw a jewelled spider as high as a horse, its eyes an emerald nebula, strutting, staring down at him; and simultaneously he was looking at an extraordinarily tall man with teak-coloured skin and three sets of arms, wearing a flowering ostrich-feather headdress, his face painted with red stripes, riding an irritated gold lion...and behind all of these things, Shadow was looking at a tiny brown spider, hiding under a withered ochre leaf"


...the literary equivalent (for me!) of balancing on my head while rotation along a vertical line!


A simple question for all that - and I'd really like to know; ever been taken completely by a new genre approached with no or little expectation, at the first time of asking? Or indeed incredibly disappointed by it (and the work in question)?


Thanks. Sean.

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It's always nice to discover a new genre that you like, or to rediscover an old genre that you've forgotten about. When I was a teenager, one of my friends told me about this trilogy of books and how she loved them (they were David B. Coe - The Chronicles of Lontobyn series). She let me borrow them and that was the first time I read a (n adult epic high) fantasy book, and I loved the genre straight away. I read lots of fantasy the few years after that. Then I was recommended a science-fiction trilogy (epic space opera) by my boyfriend's brother (Peter F. Hamilton - Night's Dawn series) and I read those and loved the science-fiction genre, which I hadn't I think read much of before. A few years later I started to go to the book fair and found some nice books there, and through that I rediscovered genres I had forgotten about, such as contemporary fiction and chick-lit. I also got (back) into detectives after finding some Baantjer books at the library sale or at the charity shop. Nowadays I read a variety of genres though I read more of some genres than of others. It's great to discover a new or to rediscover an old genre, and really enjoy it.


Of course, being disappointed can also happen. It hasn't really happened to me yet I think, that I remember :).

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