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The BCF Top Ten

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This is a music game of sorts that I've seen on other forums. The idea is that anyone here who wants to join in will do a top 10 list for a band or artist that is given. The band or artist will change after about a week to another band or artist, and then members do a top list of their favorite songs by the new band or artist. 


If you can't make a top 10 list, just do as many as you can. But no more than 10 songs. 



I'll let you know when we change artist/band of course. 


Hope it will work. 




First artist out:



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I'll go first with my top 10 list of Madonna songs:


1. Vogue
2. Lika a prayer
3. Material girl
4. Justify my love
5. Hung up
6. Papa don't preach
7. Like a virgin
8. Ray of light
9. Express yourself
10. Music

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