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Above by Isla Morley

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Above has recently been published in the US and is soon to follow in the UK. This is a shame, because there are now lots of reviews from American readers, many of which spoil an important part of this book. If you're in the slightest way way interested in reading this book, please avoid the reviews. :) (This one will be spoiler free though)


Sixteen year old Blythe is kidnapped and kept in captivity by Dobbs, a survivalist who believes the world is rushing towards it's demise. This captivity lasts for many years, during which time Dobbs visits the outside world and returns with supplies, and news of how it's not safe for Blythe to go outside. She's even forced to give birth to, and raise a son, within this captive world.


Although this sounds rather grim and dark, it's written in a way which captivates your attention and keeps you reading. The author doesn't focus on details, actions etc, but rather on Blythe's character, making you care for her and her future.


Around the middle of the book Blythe and her son do indeed escape, but that second half of the story is not at all what you expect - and sharing that with Blythe, instead of knowing in advance, makes it worth avoiding spoilers.


I don't think Above is the sort of book I would have picked for myself, but when it arrived as a review book, I decided to give it a try, and it soon had my attention. Recommended.

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