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Challenges - Master List

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There are lots of pinned challenges in this forum - some of which don't seem to be ongoing - or the people taking part haven't been on the forum for some time.


To make the forum tidier, I have therefore unpinned some of these challenges - but have provided a link to the formerly pinned threads so that if people wish to take one of the challenges they can easily find the resources they need.


I've left the 'Round the World' Challenge and the English Counties challenge pinned as they are current ones.


The English Counties Challenge


To read the books that are (where possible) most synonymous with each of the 48 English counties. 


The Olympic Challenge


Similar to the World challenge, but the idea is to read the countries participating in a particular games in the years between one Olympics finishing and the next one starting (so currently the challenge would be for Rio 2016 - having started after London 2012.


The Recommendations Challenge


This challenge last took place in 2009.   Participants' names were pulled from a hat and each person whose name was pulled was then given another participants' name to recommend a book for.


The Doorstep Challenge


No set time limit for this one.  It was for people who wished to read more books that were 500+ pages long. 


The Decades Challenge


This challenge is to read one book from each decade of the 20th century.  Some people (myself included) made the challenge larger by reading a fiction, non-fiction and a children's/YA book - and also added on the 2000s and some decades from the 1900s.

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