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Woman's World - Graham Rawles

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Graphic Novel

Woman's World

Graham Rawles


This book was nothing I expected. It was collaged by the author over five years , the sentences constructed from printed words cut out of thousands of 1960's women's magazines. That fits completely with the story in more than one way. It is amazingly clever.

Norma has led a sheltered life at home with Mary, her mother who she likes to pretend is her housekeeper. She has always stayed in, as Mother doesn't like Norma to go out. Norma's world view is totally constructed around the women's magazines she reads, a world of glamour and fashion and wonderful home decor .

Then one day Norma makes a momentous decision: she thinks the world is changing and she must step outside the front door and get a job....

This is really the funniest book I have ever read.

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I really like the sound of this - sounds very creative and witty.

Will look out for this vodkafan.

Thank you for the review :)

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