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Our Roads Will Always Cross by Naomi Green

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I recently read a book, Our Roads Will Always Cross, by Naomi Green. It is a short novel, about a girl who tries to kill her stepfather, who has been torturing her, her brothers and her mother. She finally escapes and tries to start a new life, somewhere far away, but she finds out that her father is sill alive, and then she is faced with the greatest challenge of her life.


It is a very strong book, with powerful scenes, and the main character is followed closely. She is very well defined, and it is a true model of a fighter, of a truly strong character. Very well written, and intriguing. The End is really a surprise. Worth reading! And the title is not what you would expect.


Has anyone read this book?

For those who read it, what do you think about it?

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I just looked at the first few pages on Amazon and it looked to me like it was a school essay exercise.

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