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Found 6 results

  1. Putting this in Chick Lit makes sense. Because that's what this book really is despite it's awarded winning hype. In terms of the actual writing it was mostly enjoyable but my, the hype was not justified. At the very minimum I expect a book to be an enjoyable read. This was a Mills and Boon romance novel for the contemporary age. Every time a book like this wins awards and gets praise, I come to the conclusion that modern books are written for the growing demographic of people who... don't actually like reading books. Firstly, there's nothing remotely 'normal' about these two characters. I'll skip over the predictably dream-like otherness of Marianne and focus on the utterly non-existent Connell. I'm sorry ladies, but that guy (calm, thoughtful, caring, emotionally mature, intellectually honest, culturally sensitive, performatively left-wing, etc) only exists in the heads of women -- women writers in particular. Connell isn't just these things by the end of the book. No, he's these things from the very start, as a teenager. You know, like most teenage boys are. These two people are highly popular, good looking, the smartest in school, having regular sex, and are apparently off to university where they'll be going travelling around Europe and becoming writers. Normal people, you say? I was genuinely quite irritated but this book. It's everything I hate in fiction. I was half-expecting a final chapter to reveal that Marianne was sexually assaulted as a child (perhaps by her father, maybe even by her cartoonishly evil, moustache twirling brother) but thankfully, that didn't happen. I was also slightly offended by the implication that women (or men, for that matter) who enjoy rough sex have some kind of underlying mental health problem. I did, however, like the ending. These two millennial idiots can't seem to communicate their feelings. Even at the end when she tells him she's going to New York, they can't adequately express themselves. I do wonder what point Rooney was making though. It's not as if her generation are famous for being emotionally closed off. If anything young people are more prone to expressing their feelings than any other previous generation. Maybe she was criticising that - modern people sleep with everyone without consequences but... gulp... maybe there actually are consequences. Sigh. I honestly couldn't tell if the book's title was ironic or if it was a clever twist on those awful romance novels (what if, instead of a pirate and a curvy wench, it was a saucy romance between two... normal people). Geddit? This is an airport book. That's fine but airport books shouldn't be winning literary prizes.
  2. Hello Everyone I'm currently reading a lot of lesbian novels, but mostly, they are always about two women falling in love but only come together at the end of the book. Now I would like to read lesbian romance novels or short stories about couples, which are already in a relationship for quite some time or actually married, but their relationship has already "gone dry" but want to find to each other again. I would be very pleased if anyone would have any recommendations. I thank you in advance, your bookworm95. PS: Please excuse my english, but I'm not an "english-native-speaking" person.
  3. Can anyone recommend a YA romance novel with paranormal or supernatural elements? Something like "The Ghost of Buxton Manor" by Jonathan L Ferrara (about a ghost boy trapped in his childhood home that falls in love with a human boy that moves in) or "Teeth" by Hannah Moskowitz (About a boy that travels to an island with his family to cure his sick brother, but ends up meeting a damaged 'fish boy') or even something like The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater (which I cannot describe sufficiently in a sentence and for that I apologise.) It doesn't have to be all romance- it can just have romance in it. I just love books with supernatural characters, things like Ghosts, Merpeople, Vampires/Demons (not Twilight) and others. ​Any recommendations?
  4. Hey! Bit of a specific request--has anyone read a good book where the two mains are married/together, divorce/break-up and then get back together again? As dramatic and emotional as possible, please. Preferably not abusive, but deep characters who are flawed are welcomed. A good range would be great. thanks in advance :¬)
  5. Hi, I'm looking for book suggestions. I am looking for a book about falling in love, more specifically with a sweet boy (around 20 years old). The boy (me) has a crush on the also kind/sweet friend (girl) (not best friend if possible) or the other way around. I would rather have the book focused on the falling in love and dealing with his/her emotions (should I tell her/him and risk our friendship? How do I tell her/him?...) than having a big secret or being damaged by his/her past. It can be written in the girls or boys perspective. I searched on goodreads but most of the books are about bad boys or quarterbacks with an attitude or something. Or some unrealistic situation. I want to start reading books and have no experience, so maybe the books I have seen on goodreads are exactly what I'm looking for, maybe not. I would like your opinion. My situation: I am falling for a (girl) friend of mine. She is sweet, has a good heart, smart, so beautiful... I am also sweet, romantic, blue eyes, swimmer, ... College, around 20 years old. No high school please Anyway I would be so happy if you could help me find what I'm looking for or something in that direction. Thanks
  6. Hi Everyone I'm new to this forum. I love reading, but I haven't really found any books that have grabbed my attention or kept my attention, so here I am If you could suggest some books to read or send your top 5 books that would be much appreciated. Thanks