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Found 8 results

  1. This Monday we're going to be talking to Kirk Slater about his new book, The Girl Who Wasn't There, a Victorian ghost story. Kirk is a graphic designer who previously launched some very successful Kickstarter projects for custom playing cards. Now he's using that platform to publish his novella, which was inspired by a stage production of The Woman in Black. He'll be telling us a bit more about the book and also his decision to publish in this less traditional way. It's been really interesting talking to him and I think you'll all find this this one interesting too!
  2. Did anyone read this man's amazing book? If you haven't read it yet, please, don't waste any more time and go freaking buy it and READ IT!!!! Josh Malerman was and is the best Suspense/Horror book writer ever! The book is very confusing though, the ending especially, I mean, it's a group of people trying to run away from something, and trying to survive from something, but the thing is.... the author never reveals WHAT it is they are trying to survive from. Please, can someone discuss this issue with me >_<
  3. I'm looking for a teen horror novel that is at least ten years old. It was the first book of a series. Here are the details I remember: - it had a romance plot. The boy was immortal because renewed his youth through some sort of ritual with holding his face over a bowl of steam or fog, and he wanted to share it with the girl so they could be young together forever - I think the boy controlled a fog that would surround people and force them to kill one another. I remember a scene where the town would reenact a chainsaw or axe massacre that had made the area famous or something. The fog came while they were all playacting at murder, and then they started actually murdering each other - I remember a very specific line about "a single blue eyeball" where the boy was confronted by some popular kids (?) and the fog surrounded them in a shack and they started screaming, and all that remained was the eyeball - the sequel, which I remember giving up on, started with the boy and the girl from the first book, who have not aged because they're both now using the ritual. The boy has an interest in a new girl, and the first girl (her name might have been Kim? I'm just remembering that as I type, so I might be completely wrong) starts to get jealous and whiny, and the boy things about how he might need to kill her Please let me know if this sounds familiar, this book has haunted me since the fifth grade Thank you!
  4. Abe 'Sarge' Griffin served in WWII 60 years ago. His squad was responsible for finding more unusual (meaning supernatural) threads. After destroying a polish madman's weird ritual and taking the arcane pieces with them, so he could not try again, they went home, but Abe was never the same again. He has not aged a day, is faster, stronger, tougher then any human ought to be. Being on the verge of killing himself from ennui and loneliness he is visited by the granddaughter of his old squad-mate Paddy. Paddy is old and demented, but Anne, the granddaughter, tells Abe that Paddy has not been himself for days, trying to flee the home crawling, trying to reach Abe any way he can. Abe agrees to come with her to visit Paddy and trying to reassure him, but as it turns out, things are far from fine. The past they left behind in Poland has caught up with Abe and the left-overs of his old squad, and they have to figure out a way to end it, this time for good. I enjoyed this book very much. It's a mixture of superhero action scenes (though Abe is not actually wearing a costume, he displays typical abilities and powers of a classic superhero) and lovecraftian horror, with some military bits thrown in. The Action is varied, engaging and fun. The scenes are described well, so I always had a good sense of what's going on even in more complex tussles. There are monsters, fanatics and people driven crazy. The author managed some pretty disturbing images and scenes, but it never felt like too much, if you know what I mean. It always fitted well within the story and did not seem to be purely for shock value. I liked the characters. Abe tells the story from his perspective, but there are also a bunch of other support characters. Abe, for all his old demons and problems is a pretty sympathetic character and I like his thought process, tough deviance, rough nature and protective instincts, but I also could understand his deep flaws. Anne is a pretty awesome character too, though, understanding and independent, weak only when the action is up. I simply gobbled the book up and am very happy to know there's still one more part out there, because I'm not quite done with this author yet.
  5. Preston and Child

    Long time ago, I read Preston and Child's Relic and got addicted. The setting of the book blended perfectly with the horror movie like aura of the story, and I have never thought about a museum in the same way since. As it was the first book that introduced Special Agent Pendergast, he wasn't as overbearing and overly caricatured as in the later books. I have read and own most of the books the duo have produced, as you may have guessed, I am not a fan of "series" books, and I have come to dislike how the need to have Pendergast in every book they write has limited the imagination of this otherwise creative duo. Such "series" books ultimately become dreary, unimaginative litanies of how some superhuman hero survived yet another overly engineered trap by an equally superhuman nemesis. Ok, the content is interesting, but you know from the moment you turn the first page, that Alouysius Pendergast, the scion of an ultra rich and ultra enigmatic family, and an FBI agent to boot, and his numerous wards and proteges will survive to carry on to another book - even if they get walled up in a Tuscan castle. Their non-Pendergast books are mind-blowing. Ice Limit is one such feast for the brain. So are the books written individually by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Are you a fan of Preston and Child? What are your favourites?
  6. Hi I'm a pretty long time member, haven't been on as much lately, usually turn to Goodreads but when I have a special question, I know just where to turn For those who don't know, readers block is when it's hard to read, even when you force yourself, you simply can't retain anything you've just read. I have ADD and I think it's most common for others with ADD. Anyways for passionate readers like myself, this can be like torture. I hear everyone has their own home remedy to cure it, some go back and read their favorite books to help remind them why they fell in love with reading in the first place. What helps me is reading shorter novels.. I actually just read a really good one called "Kill Whitey" by Brian Keene. It was awesome yet only 196 pages lol. By any chance, can anyone recommend some good yet short novels? I love the horror-thriller genre. Some favorite authors of mine are Kevin O'Brien, Tom Piccirrilli, Brian Keene, anything similar would do. thank you
  7. For October Horror Month 2014, we're reading Horns by Joe Hill. Please post your thoughts on the book here. If you want to talk about spoilers, please use the [ spoiler ] [ / spoiler ] tags . I've ordered my copy but it hasn't been sent yet, I hope it'll be here next week as I'm eager to start reading.
  8. Please vote which book or books you'd be interested in reading for October Horror month. If you have a preference in those you voted for (if you voted for multiple), please post it below. I think we will read one or two books, depending on how the poll and preferences turn out.