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  1. Your Book Activity - April 2017

    Hi there! April seems to be a good month for reading Just finished Goethe's The elective affinities and The loser, which is a novel by Thomas Bernhard centered on a fictional relationship between pianist Glenn Gould and two of his fellow students. I didn't enjoy the former so much, but really loved the latter. (And once again, sorry for my poor English)
  2. Food in Books

    Hi there! My book club is going to have a special event in a couple of months: we will celebrate the end of our "bookish season" with a dinner based on books we've read so far. Being italian, we have plenty of italian fiction books with delicious recipies in them.. food becomes a sort of "character". So, I was wondering.... have you ever read novels where dishes or recipes were described? Is food important in non italian fiction too?
  3. Your Book Activity - July 2016

    Absolutely .. I think I will discuss it with the teens I work with
  4. Your Book Activity - July 2016

    Hi I'm reading a wonderful book, but it's rather disturbing sometimes.. Only ever yours by Louise O'Neill. I'm tired of fat shaming and stuff like that, so that was the book I needed
  5. Your Book Activity - June 2016

    Hello Finally I can see this forum again I've just finished Foundation, Asimov.. and now I'm not too sure what to read next
  6. Your Book Activity - April 2016

    I've just finished Pride and Prejudice for my book club and now I'm starting Forster's Maurice.. though I'm still in love with Darcy!
  7. Food in Books

    Thanks ladies and gentlemen, I took note of every title..
  8. Food in Books

    Feel free to remove the topic or move it in another part of the forum.. in the meantime, I note your titles down
  9. Your Book Activity - March 2016

    No book activity yet, since my eye surgery and I miss reading so much I tried audio books, but they're not for me, honestly..
  10. Your Book Activity - December 2015

    Hello!!! I konow, it's been soooooooo long.. I'm sorry, I'm so busy. I've been reading a lot though, just finished The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes (highly recomanded) and Lexapros and Cons by Aaron Karo. I hope to be more active in this wonderful forum from now on
  11. Your Book Activity - July 2015

    It's defiinitely too hot to read The Count of Montecristo, I need something a little lighter. So I'm reading the Sevenwaters Trilogy by Juliet Marillier. Let's see if it works
  12. Your Book Activity - July 2015

    Hi there! I've had such a busy time.. but I never quit reading. I read the complete Outlander series, written by Diana Gabaldon and I re-read Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. For my book club I have to to start The Count of Montecristo.. but it's too hot for a book like this at the moment!
  13. Your Book Activity - May 2015

    Yes, I think it's the right title. sorry!
  14. Your Book Activity - May 2015

    My reading club meetings are next week, I have to finish both the books: Animal Farm, Orwell, and House of dust and fog, written by Andre Dubus III. I'm not enjoyng the latter.. is it something wrong in me?
  15. Your Book Activity - May 2015

    Hi there!! My best friend gave me a 50 euro Amazon gift card, and I spent it all in e-books I'm reading a very interesting book, which I highly recommend: Confessions by the japanese writer Kanae Minato. Basically, a story of revenge. And.. I add to my wishlist almost every book you all list here
  16. Your Book Activity - March 2015

    I loved it! And I loved the movie too I'm reading Zola's Teresa Raquin.. I needed a classi and I'm enjoying it a lot.
  17. Pets - 2015

    Thanks so much, dears!
  18. Pets - 2015

    Sadly, my oldie Lily passed away yesterday. Cancer. It' so sad... I miss her eyes.
  19. Your Book Activity - February 2015

    Riggs' Hollow City is on my bedside table!! I can't wait to read it. And my Rory Gilmore list is still waiting for me.. Well, I started it, but then.. too many bookish distractions
  20. Your Book Activity - January 2015

    I've been a little busy but I menaged to read a few good books this month, like Collected novels of Maeve Brennan and The Goldfinch, Donna Tarrt. Now I have to read some YA books (Chambers, Shustermann, Collins.. ) because I will do a sort of lecture on YA literature next month.. I'm so excited about it
  21. Your Book Activity - January 2015

    I got a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas .. so my Rory Gilmore's Challenge will be easier and I can read the books in english I finished Orwell's 1984, it was a re read but I loved it as the first time.
  22. Your Book Activity - December 2014

    There are a lot of interesting titles in the list..I never read Catch 22 because it scared me, it will be a great chance to read books I always avoid.
  23. Your Book Activity - December 2014

    I'm collecting books for my Rory Gilmore Challenge.. it will be a looong reading 2015
  24. Julie 2014

    Julie.. just :friends0: :friends0: :friends0: