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  1. Happy Birthday Laura :)

  2. Hope your cold's gone Chrissy - and your throat is better.

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    2. Chrissy


      Why so? Is all ok with you and yours? X

    3. bree


      All fine Chrissy :)

      Just one of those random spells of restlessness.

    4. Chrissy


      I know those spells only too well. No reading for me either. I plan on giving reading a go this week - I think I will be in need of escape! X

  3. Happy Birthday Sean :)

    1. itsmeagain


      bless you bree, and thanks so much. enjoy the day....

  4. Hello Kylie - hope you have a wonderful birthday :)

  5. Noticed it's your birthday - have a lovely day :)

  6. This avatar suits you perfectly poppy - you free spirit :)