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  1. Devi's Book-Everest for 2015

    They are going to be doing more books now and then too, apparently they were a big hit for most fans. Can't wait to see what else they put in.
  2. Devi's Book-Everest for 2015

    I was so happy when I opened my loot crate and found this book inside! Loot crate is similar to the nerdblocks i get, it's a box full of nerdy goodness.
  3. Devi's Book-Everest for 2015

    Haha I am the same. When I buy my things, I always go to a register with a chick - at least I know they can sympathise. Once I went up to a young kid and he put this huge smile on as he picked the packet up and scanned it. Always creeped me out. Why were you smiling damn it!
  4. Devi's Book-Everest for 2015

    My mum said she remembered something similar still being around for her eldest sister. She is the youngest of three girls - all are five years apart in age. She remembers the chemist having pads and them being in plain packaging. I love hearing about the past and how things have changed. It fascinates me. Wonder what people will think about us in a few hundred years...
  5. Devi's Book-Everest for 2015

    I have this book on my shelf. Think I might read it after this one, seems only fitting.
  6. Devi's Book-Everest for 2015

    I started reading How to be a Victorian last night. First chapter was called getting up. One bit that had me oddly fascinated was the part, and I know this will sound weird, but the part about sanitary towels (a.k.a tampons and pads). If you were embarrassed to go buy them personally, you could get them delivered to you in brown discreet packaging. They also had ads in magazines that said Southwell's Sanitary Towels, but later the ad was changed to have the girls hand covering the word sanitary, as the word was deemed too intimate for most people's sensibilities. Not only that, but they didn't really have underwear at first, so sanitary towels used to be clipped onto belts to hold them up using suspender type straps. It wasn't until later on did underwear start becoming the fashion. I would imagine someone coming from the 1800's into our present time, and seeing one of our sanitary ads, might just faint watching it. Next part is called getting dressed.
  7. Devi's Book-Everest for 2015

    Thanks, will check it out. I have a few of his novels on my TBR pile.
  8. Devi's Book-Everest for 2015

    Started reading How to be a Victorian by Ruth Goodman.
  9. Devi's Book-Everest for 2015

    Other than reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, and having watched the animation of A Scanner Darkly, no I haven't. What's the first collection of short stories called?
  10. Devi's Book-Everest for 2015

    I finished Animal Farm last night. Wow Orwell sure can pack a punch in such a short book. I really enjoyed it. Except...
  11. What Are You Watching Now? - 2015

    That's why I love the show! It's funny what some people will do, and/or don't know. Dave Lamb makes the show, I just love his sense of humour. One episode I watched, a lady was trying to make meringues, she used a dough kneader in the blender instead of a whisk. It didn't turn out good, she hadn't made it before and it was so runny. Oh and in another episode, this lady was trying to whip cream, and kept asking if you were meant to put it over your head to see if it was stiff peaks... She picked the bowl up a couple of times, and looked like she was going to try and put it over her head. I was so hoping she was going to do it.
  12. What Are You Watching Now? - 2015

    I've recently got into a show from the UK called Come Dine with Me. They tried to make it here last year, but it only lasted one season and was nowhere near as good, mostly because no one can beat Dave Lamb as narrator in my opinion. I love seeing the scenery and getting a glimps into people's lives and homes. I'm not really one for reality TV shows either, so I was quite shocked at how much I enjoyed it when I sat down with my sister who loves the shows. We currently get come dine with me, come dine with me couples, and come dine with me canada on foxtel here. One year we had come dine with me Australia.
  13. I've done it too whenever I have brought books from BCF.
  14. Athena's Reading List 2015

    Yeah the new Dragon Age Inquisition is on pc too.
  15. Tim's Tremendous Tomes

    I tried reading them when I first got into the series years ago, but I couldn't really get into the first book. Andrea's reviews of the books though have made me want to try and attempt them again. I do plan on reading them, I just want to finish A Feast for Crows first but it feels like it's taking forever.