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  1. BookTube-A-Thon August 3rd - August 9th 2015

    I'm enjoying 'The Boy in The striped Pyjamas', but it's one of those books that I've put off reading,
  2. BookTube-A-Thon August 3rd - August 9th 2015

    So day one of the unoffical BookTube-a-Thon and I'm 104 pages into 'The Boy with the Striped Pyjamas' by John Boyne. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow, I'll be able to tick number 1. Read a book with blue on the cover and 6. Read a book you really want to read off the list. Is it cheating to count one book in several Challenges?
  3. Karen.d's Reading List 2015

    Hi everyone! It's another new year and as always, I plan to read more than last year. Whether that will happen is another thing!
  4. Karen.d's Reading List 2015

    Yes you are right, I've just finished this book. Although two of the threads are more strongly connected in my opinion. Overall, even though I found this relatively short book challenging, by the end I enjoyed it. Now I have to decide what to read next!
  5. BookTube-A-Thon August 3rd - August 9th 2015

    I doubt that I'll be able to finish this, but in the meantime I'd better finish off 'The Hours' before Monday.....
  6. BookTube-A-Thon August 3rd - August 9th 2015

    Ok, well I'll join you then. I may see if I can read 7 books in a week.....bit of a difficult challenge!
  7. BookTube-A-Thon August 3rd - August 9th 2015

    I didn't think we could continue with them, but I might now you have said that! Is anyone else?
  8. Karen.d's Reading List 2015

    The problem I'm having with this is that, although I'm enjoying at least 2 of the different threads running through this, I can only see a thin connection between them all. I keep reading this thinking 'Where is this going?' Should I take this book as a collection of short stories, or will this come together at the end? No spoilers please!
  9. The Last Film You Saw - 2015

    I saw 'Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation'. I had never seen any of the other films and I hate stuff like James Bond, so I expected to not enjoy this, but I was pleasantly surprised.
  10. BookTube-A-Thon August 3rd - August 9th 2015

    Thanks both of you. I enjoyed 'The Radleys' in general, but was actually a bit disappointed in the end. Reading this helped me cross out number 4. Read the last book you acquired
  11. Karen.d's Reading List 2015

    I've finally got round to updating my book list, I should update it more! I'm currently trying to get through 'The Hours' by Michael Cunningham and I'm finding this hard to get through. I'm not really enjoying this. Has anyo9ne else read this book?
  12. BookTube-A-Thon August 3rd - August 9th 2015

    I'm reading the last book I acquired 'The Radleys' by Matt Haig. If I can cross off anyother challenges, tha will be a bonus.
  13. Read-a-thon - (2013-2015)

    Great! Thanks for posting this. I'm definitely going to do some of these challenges.
  14. Read-a-thon - (2013-2015)

    I might join you in an early read-a-thon! Reading something from an author with the first letter of your last name sounds interesting. I only just remembered that I was also taking part in the 1001 books to read before you die challenge on thif forum. Judging by my list, I haven't progressed much
  15. Read-a-thon - (2013-2015)

    So will August's read-a-thon be starting on the 6th this month? Apologises for not having posted an update about the last read-a-thon. I did take part, honest!
  16. The Last Film You Saw - 2015

    Terninator: Genesis. The plot's a bit messy, but overall I liked this.
  17. Karen.d's Reading List 2015

    If you like unusual books which are full of twists and turns, then you'll like this book.
  18. Doctor Who 2014 - Peter Capaldi

    The new trailer is so exciting!
  19. Karen.d's Reading List 2015

    Firstly, sorry that I haven't done an update for a LONG time. I've been reading 'Poldark' since Easter and only finished it about a week ago, so may be that will give you an indication of how busy things have been lately! I've just stopped by to talk about the last book that I finished reading today, 'Precious Thing' by Colette McBeth. This was lent to me by a friend. We don't always share the same taste in books, but generally, I like things she has read. I thought this book was brilliant, in fact, the best book I have read so far this year. I won't give away much of the plot, but this is a psychological story, which takes you on a constant journey until the very end. I'm one of those readers who likes to worth out things, before the characters get to the conclusion, but I couldn't predict any of the things that were revealed throughout this story. It really played with my head whilst I was reading this, to the point where I didn't know who to trust throughout this novel. That is probably why I loved this book. I don't like a book that has the plot laid out from the beginning, I like to work at a book and have something to think out. Its believable characters, sucked me right into the story and I can see this being turned into a mini series or film. If you like to something different, this is a book for you. Loved it.
  20. Read-a-thon - (2013-2015)

    I haven't been able to take part in a read-a-thon in while now and I have missed taking part. I'm definitely going to join in this weekend, I've got a huge pile of books waiting to be read and the read-a-thon will be a good incentive to start going through them
  21. Karen.d's Reading List 2015

    Not many plans for my holiday, just chilling out! Although we are going to a wildlife park at the weekend, which will be good, especially for photos. I am taking my writing stuff as well. Hopefully I can get some more of the book done...well, that's the plan anyway! Thank you
  22. Karen.d's Reading List 2015

    It's funny, the book I've just finished, I abandoned initially abandoned. I'm glad I went back to it, because it was a pretty good book.
  23. Karen.d's Reading List 2015

    Sorry for not updating for a while. I've just looked at my current amount of reads this year and it's looking pretty pitiful so far According to my Goodreads Goal chart, I'm 2 books behind schedule. I'm hoping to rectify that, by reading a on holiday (I'm off tomorrow! ). On the other hand, I have been writing quite a bit, so at least I have a good chance of getting the first draft of my book done by the end of the year!