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  1. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    I finished 'The Gunslinger' by Stephen King and was generally disappointed with it. I couldn't work it out until nearly the end, where it finally gained my interest. So much so, that I've started 'The Drawing of the Three' the second book of the series. If I don't get on with this book, then I'm going to abandon the series.
  2. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    Having read a little bit more today, I think things are starting to fit into place.......a bit.
  3. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    I've also read two Picoult books this and 'The Tenth Circle' and both started well and ended in a disapponting way. I've got another book by Jodi Picoult sitting in my book case, but now I'm not sure if I dare read it. I'm about halfway through 'The Gunslinger' by Stephen King and I just can't seem to get on with it. There are moments I find interesting, but I haven't managed to get into it.
  4. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    I was so disappointed by the ending, I wanted to throw the book off my balcony!
  5. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    Just finished this and I got used to the separate character chapters in the end, I thought it was an interesting way to tell the story. However, the ending left me feeling extremely cheated.
  6. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    I've just finished 'My Sister's Keeper' by Jodi Picoult. In general, I think this is an interesting read, but I felt extremely cheated by the ending. Once my Kindle has charged, I'm going to start reading 'The Gunslinger' by Stephen King, the first in his 'Dark Tower' series.
  7. Read-a-thon - 2017

    I never seem to read more than the same number of books read every year, so the challenge is never met. I should push myself a bit, but not to the point that I don't enjoy reading anything.
  8. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    I'm still reading this, I have been too busy to read over the last few days. I'm enjoying it though. The multiple character chapters are a little confusing at times though.
  9. Doctor Who Series 10 + New Doctor?

    I agree, gender shouldn't matter. Jodie Whittaker has proven herself to be a great actress in things like 'Broadchurch', so I think she should be given a chance. As someone was saying earlier in the thread, it takes guts to make the decision to take on the role being the first female Doctor, because of potential negative reaction she might get by some fans but I think going against the tradition of having a male Doctor, is a good thing. It'll definitely be interesting viewing. I do wonder now if Bill is going to come back. Could a female Doctor mean the introduction of a male companion? In general don't care about the gender of the companion either, but I really hope the writers bring back Bill. She's the best companion the programme has had, since Rose Tyler in my opinion.
  10. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    Yesterday I finished 'Billy and Me' by Giovanna Fletcher and I have to say, it wasn't as predictable as I had first though. I don't usually read this type of book, but I enjoyed it. I would like to read more of Giovanna Fletcher's books in the future. Now, I'm about 55 pages into 'My Sister's Keeper' by Jodi Picoult. So far, it's good.
  11. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    So far I'm whizzing through it. It's a fun read, bit predictable though.
  12. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    I finished 'The Amber Spyglass' last night and although I found this a disappointing end to the trilogy, it did redeem itself at the end a little. Now I'm just about to start 'Billy and Me' by Giovanna Fletcher. I'm not a fan of chick lit, but I have been watching Giovanna's vlogs on You Tube for a while and saw 'Billy and Me' in my local charity shop and decided to see what she is like as an author.
  13. Read-a-thon - 2017

    How are you getting on with your Goodreads goal? I cancelled min,e as I just felt too much pressure to complete it and I stopped enjoying reading.
  14. Doctor Who Series 10 + New Doctor?

    Thank you for clearing that up Raven
  15. Read-a-thon - 2017

    Great, I came back at the right time! I've quit doing book challenges on Good Reads, but I still think dedicating some time to read without distractions is a good idea.
  16. Doctor Who Series 10 + New Doctor?

    Hi, not sure if anyone is still chatting on this thread, but I thought that even though I'm not a big fan of Peter Capaldi (Matt Smith and David Tennant are my DR's) this was his best series and I really liked him after struggling to warm to him in the previous series'. I think part of the problem was the chemistry between him and Clara Oswald wasn't there. However, I've loved the introduction of Bill Potts. Which leads me to the final episode of the series. This was a great, but also frustrating episode because of a few reasons Will anyone watch the next series? Who do you think the new doctor will be?
  17. Read-a-thon - 2017

    Hi! When is the next scheduled read-a-thon? Thanks!