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  1. Elizabeth George

    So true! I couldn't believe it at first when I learned that she isn't English!
  2. Elizabeth George

    Probably the fact that she's American? And writing stories about the UK?
  3. I've never read a book taking place in my hometown either. There's a new trend of hometown books which take place in the "county" where I live, but they seem to ridicule some prejudices, so I don't want to read them. Recently I saw an author writing normal mysteries actually taking place in my city, but first he writes like "He went into a cafe (which, where?), or he picked up his son from school (which, we have several?)", so that it doesn't really feel like home and second I don't really like his style.
  4. FROM KINDLE to paper. How do I do it

    I hope you didn't really just sell one book and work for 30 p. a year, Talisman! Could you PM me some info about that book? I probably might want to read it, depending on what it is about...
  5. FROM KINDLE to paper. How do I do it

    @ Frankie: That's exactly down to the point! Let alone the question why I should want to do it! @ Athena: I can completly understand, why the media branches are considering illigal downloads as life-threatening! @ Talisman: I take it you differ on my considering "handmade" copies less bad as putting them online? Don't worry, I know, they're both illigal and a form of stealing from many people at the same time. I must admit, I would never pay for a download from other firms as amazon or the likes, because I don't know how trustworthy they are and what they'd do with my paying information. I wouldn't download for free as well, so I just bypass that by buying a CD/DVD.
  6. 7 p. Jane Austen 6 p. Charles Dickens 5 p. George Orwell 4 p. JRR Tolkien 3 p. Oscar Wilde 2 p. Fyodor Dostoyevsky 1 p. Terry Pratchett
  7. FROM KINDLE to paper. How do I do it

    I'll follow you off topic Don't get me wrong with the things I say next, I don't vote for any pirated copies here. But if copying a CD/DVD really means you do it by hand onto another CD, the damage isn't too big at least. The real crime is putting it online. I happen to know one author who told me he earns less than ten per cent per sold book. So he's lucky to break even, let alone make a little profit. And as I see how much work such a book is and how much time is put into it, I wouldn't want the authors to work for free.
  8. Can I also take part in the poll if I know only four out of the seven authors?
  9. FROM KINDLE to paper. How do I do it

    Oh, sure. Glad you made it clear. And I know there's a huge discussion on DRM anyway. Because you are allowed to sell paper books second hand and can't do likewise with ebooks. But there's a huge difference with data files. If anybody can give them away once, somebody will figure out how to copy them in unlimited numbers.
  10. FROM KINDLE to paper. How do I do it

    Oh shhhhhhh, Talisman! I thought, the word "permit" means "not allow it"! My dictionary told me, I wanted to say "prohibit"
  11. lopeanha reads 2014

    Du bist nicht die Einzige, die hier Pausen hat. Schön, dass du dich noch an mich erinnerst.
  12. FROM KINDLE to paper. How do I do it

    In most cases, the kindle format should permit you to reverse the process, for said copyright reasons.
  13. lopeanha reads 2014

    Hi, lopeanha! Schön, noch eine Deutsche hier zu sehen! :-) That's a nice reading list for this year!
  14. Read-a-thon - (2013-2015)

    What a pity, Alanna. I hope you can join next month!
  15. MOOC

    I've done some free online courses. What is that MOOC or NPR?