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  1. Case Study

    That does sound good! The plot doesn't strike me as something that's supposed to be humorous though. When you say it wasn't actually 'wickedly humorous', was it humorous at all?
  2. Lady Audley's Secret

    Typo fixed
  3. I haven't seen/read X Files - maybe I'd like that too! I bought two books: Letters from the Dead by Sam Hurcom and People of Abandoned Character by Clare Whitfield (they were in the 3 for £5 offer at The Works and I was buying The Testimony of Alys Twist by Suzannah Dunn for my sister, so that's my excuse )
  4. Victober

    Maybe this is a conversation for the end of Victober but I don't think Mina is a weak woman in the book!
  5. Victober

    That just made me laugh. It does seem a bit extreme when you put it that way! (spoiler quoted the specifics though as Vodkafan mentioned he might read Dracula for this too!) I agree with Luna that life's too short to make yourself finish books you don't like - but I actually would suggest sticking with Dracula for now, because although you don't like the perspective in this part it will change again and I think you'll find Mina's story interesting! I think that is supposed to make it scarier to a British audience. Like vampires are something that happen to 'other' places - but what if they found a way to get here. Ooh I wonder whether that was intentional!? There were a few books featuring trains as scary, monstrous things.
  6. Victober

    Yeah I understand what you mean now! It was a three volume novel, so that makes sense! It was serialised before that too though. I wonder if anything was changed between the serialised version and the three volume print!? I'd forgotten about that bit. I suppose the Gothic was all about breaking rules and making people feel uncomfortable! I hope things are calmer now so you can get some reading time! It is so good so far.
  7. Lady Audley's Secret

    I'm at a point where it's getting quite tense! I'll avert my eyes from this thread if you want to post your thoughts before I finish
  8. I'm excited for you!! I hope you love them too! I'm a few chapters in to Lady Audley's Secret, but still also reading a chapter here and there of Silence in the Age of Noise.
  9. Seasonal Reading

    I ducked into a charity shop to get out of the rain a few days ago (I wasn't looking for books - honest) and spotted A Very Murderous Christmas, a collection of short stories I remember someone reviewing on here (Chrissy maybe?). I will definitely be reading that one this December now! I love that the cover has a typical isolated house in a bleak landscape, but the title is flagged by cheerful little sprigs of holly .
  10. Poetic Wanderings

    If you can't bring yourself to build a snowman or even to clench a snowball or two to fling at the pine tree trunk, at least find some reason to take you out of yourself: scrape a patch of grass clear for the birds maybe; prod at your shrubs so they shake off the weight, straighten up; or just stump about leaving prints of your boots, your breath steaming out. Promise. Don't let yourself in for this moment again: the end of the afternoon, drawing the curtains on the glare of the garden, a whole day of snow nobody's trodden. Nobody by Michael Laskey
  11. The Limerick Game

    John Dungworth at home in a palace Like Christopher Robin and Alice When he went to the toilet No one would have known it
  12. Victober

    I agree with Raven. The type of train they'd have been using was a lot slower. The single train may well have made more stops too, but the speed would mainly explain why it takes so long in Dracula (although, compared to their past forms of travel, that was very fast!). There's actually a really interesting thing I read about travel in Dracula, but I can't tell you what it is without spoiling the ending! That's a pretty amazing fact - so no two Dracula's are the same! I've only seen the Gary Oldman one but it was a good film. I still can't believe how quickly you read Lady Audley's Secret! I still haven't fully decided on my Penny Dreadful, or if I want to try to read the whole thing!
  13. Folio Society

    I've actually never looked at the wish list function. Might have to play with that later, I like the thought of making a list of pretty books . maybe on a bookshop?
  14. Waterstone's Plus Card

    Oooh thanks for pointing that out! I do and there are a couple of books I want to buy as Christmas presents, so I might get them early for the points! There aren’t many better feelings than really wanting a book and realising that you have £10 on your Waterstones card
  15. Folio Society

    That one is lovely. The folio one looks worth indulging in though! I love the slipcase for that too. Well on the plus side, they do always send a voucher when it’s your birthday!