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  1. Willoyd's Tour of the States.

    Nearly though! Were these last changes just for preference? I know it's considered a classic but I hated In Cold Blood, it made me feel really uncomfortable.
  2. Too Much Internet

    Well that's weird! Has it only gone down in the last hour or so?
  3. Too Much Internet

    Whatsapp is fine too here! I work with a tuition company in China and have had Whatsapp messages from them today as well. Maybe it's a local issue? No idea how I missed this last year but I completely agree. I definitely notice a difference in my own stress levels when I don't use my phone for a long time. I also turned off news alerts because it's definitely not good to be bombarded by stressful (sometimes totally misleading) headlines all day. On the other hand, it seems increasingly as though we're expected to be plugged in all the time for work. There are a few job adverts I've seen recently that specify good social media capabilities, which then makes me feel that I need to be more active on at least one social media platform to be noticed for a job (I should point out, none of the jobs had anything to do with social media). One I looked at just today asked, even more specifically, to show professional use of Twitter. The website I use to advertise tutoring tracks how long you take to respond to messages and rates you accordingly, so the faster you reply the better rating you get, increasing your chance to get work. I've also been doing some freelance editing for a company who just give the job to someone else if you don't reply fast enough, and since they have no 'work hours' I have to have email alerts on constantly. I don't have much of an option other than to play along at the moment, but I do find it incredibly frustrating. And don't even get me started on LinkedIn... That turned into a bit of a rant but, my point is, just as professionals are pointing out that being connected to our phones/ the internet all the time isn't good for us, there's increased expectation that we stay constantly connected. It just doesn't seem right.
  4. Victober

    I hadn't thought of it that way but it could be read in that context. That previous section with Jonathan and the female vampires is definitely very sexual, but there's more going on here too, with Dracula's control of these women, I think. I didn't realise he wrote the introduction. I met him once, he's very nice and very, very good at what he does! I think that's an interesting point about vampirism and disease. Fear of wasting diseases which had no cure would definitely have made the 'symptoms' of being bitten more terrifying! Probably a connection to made there with the late eighteenth-century 'consumptive chic' too (purposely trying to look like you had 'consumption' because it was fashionable) and the attractiveness of vampires in literature and film.
  5. Read-a-thons 2021

    Glad it was a good reading/ eating day for you too . I got to 62% of the book by the end of the day yesterday, which I'm very happy with in one way but, in another, I wish I had more of it to read!
  6. 'The little girl clung to the crone's long skirts, even though the woman scared her as much as the surrounding darkness'. The Dance of the Serpents by Oscar de Muriel
  7. Read-a-thons 2021

    Stayed up far later than I meant to last night but it means I am close to halfway through Dance of the Serpents now! These three read-a-thon days are going very quickly but it is pouring with rain, I'm very full of Sunday dinner and I have a blanket ready for more reading this evening .
  8. Victober

    It must have been so exciting to get the next part. I think there’s a good chance I would have been a Penny Dreadful reader if I had been a Victorian . Haha, yes! I do like these editions for being cheap but still unabridged. I really do not like the cover image on this one though. If you look at the straps of her bag it literally looks as though someone quickly drew two lines on in clip art. They don’t even meet her arm!
  9. Victober

    Oooh I love those editions of Varney the Vampire! You can really see just how long it is overall when you see them like that though! That's the edition of Lady Audley's Secret that I bought too.
  10. Victober

    Well I did a bit of quick googling (because I really wanted to know what the connection was!) and I think it probably stems from a research paper that was published in the early 90's, where it's argued that Dracula was inspired by Oscar Wilde's trial (where he was charged with sodomy) and portrays Stoker's repressed homosexuality. It's not a very convincing argument, I have to say. There's a lot of big assumptions going on. Me too, and I agree! Already hooked. It's not part of a trilogy, those three books are just considered to have started the 'sensation novel' trend. I highly recommend The Woman in White anyway though, it's very good. Actually, I've really loved everything I've read by Willkie Collins! Someone should make Sensation Novel Bingo
  11. Read-a-thons 2021

    That does sound good!
  12. Victober

    Which edition do you have? I think, from what I've read anyway, that the point on immigration is more of a theory than a proven intention? I have definitely seen it presented before as part of the Gothic motif of 'the other', playing more on a general fear of the foreign than a specific sexual fear (although, agree that makes sense in the same context). It was also necessary for Dracula to be from a different country to have that contrast of a place that is "less developed", where there's no industrial revolution, travel is slow and the locals are all very superstitious. I have never heard the theory that Dracula is subconsciously Oscar Wilde though! I ordered a really cheap copy of Lady Audley's Secret and it came today (I feel a bit bad saying this, because I know somebody had to design it, but the cover is hilariously bad). I think I'm going to start with Dance of the Serpents anyway though, because I'm very excited to read that and I think it will probably be a quicker read!
  13. Read-a-thons 2021

    Well I totally forgot that the first of October would fall on a Friday, but that means it's the read-a-thon weekend! This one coincides with our 'Victober' reading challenge, so I'll be reading extra for that. I was planning to start with Lady Audley's Secret, but I don't think I can resist the temptation of Dance of the Serpents...
  14. Keeping your TBR under control

    I love that . I also have a huge TBR, and although I do feel bad sometimes buying a book when I still have loads to read, I really love having a stock of unread books! I know some people feel overwhelmed by having too many unread books but, when I look at mine, I just feel excited about reading them. That pretty much sums up my approach too! I haven’t seen that study but I’d agree based on my own experience!
  15. Victober

    I have no idea if it is meant to be, originally, but as we're making our own rules for this first BCF Victober, I think it should include both . Yes, I will start on the 1st .
  16. Victober

    Ooooh I hadn’t even thought about modern books with Victorian settings - I might have to join you with Dance of the Serpents! I will also start reading Lady Audley’s Secret and I think I’ll see if I can get The Black Band by Mary Elizabeth Brandon on kindle (although I’m happy that the rule for the Penny Dreadful category was to read several chapters, rather than the whole thing, because I don’t think I’d want to read the whole thing!). That should make an interesting comparison to Lady Audley’s Secret! I think that would be a good one too!
  17. The companies here are bands of soldiers. You would have a leader of the 'company' and he would be in charge of one group of soldiers. In the second part of the sentence, where it refers to 'these troops', they are talking about multiple companies of soldiers. Taking somebody to task means challenging somebody about something. So Mrs Dorothy is basically telling Amelia off; pointing out that she's done something wrong. Hope that helps Fife, and I will see your post even if you don't quote me directly
  18. New Books Out in 2021

    I’ve just seen this, which is very exciting: https://www.waterstones.com/book/the-city-of-mist/carlos-ruiz-zafon/9781399600927?utm_source=wssignedspecialsffA260921&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=roundup&utm_content=JACKET A new book short stories from the Cemetery of Forgotten Books universe by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Although not new, there are some that haven’t been published in English before, so they’ll be new to me!
  19. This thread was inspired by Athena's thread on the subject a couple of years ago . What books are coming out this year that you're excited about!? I saw this in an email from Waterstones today and I definitely want to get it: The Haunting Season: Tales for Long Winter Nights, The Haunting Season by Bridget Collins, Natasha Pulley | Waterstones. The selection of authors sounds great and just look at the sprayed edges on the exclusive edition!
  20. Hello, welcome to the forum . I haven’t read Game of Thrones, so can’t absolutely confirm this, but I’ve seen other people compare Joe Abercrombie’s books to Game of Thrones.
  21. A Book blog 2021 by Books do Furnish a Room

    I think I would feel exactly the same way. I saw this book recently though and did think it sounded like a great book for autumn! I do really love a spooky séance in a book. Brilliant reviews, as always
  22. Victober

    For some reason I thought I'd set the poll to end today, but it hasn't actually quite been a week! I'm very happy with the current top three though and excited to start a Victorian-themed October .
  23. That's very strange. Maybe it's to try to keep people moving in and out quickly, so nobody ends up waiting too long at the door if the library is at full capacity? Unless your local library is a LOT busier than mine though I can't see that being a particularly big problem. Wow that is a huge shame . That sounds interesting. So you can go in and browse as long as you've booked a slot? The library near me (which, as I've mentioned, was my local library as child - the first library I ever went into - and we've moved right by it!) has had a screen up in the door with a slot cut out since I've been here. I assume you can call and ask for a book then pick it up through the window. I haven't been past it in the last week though so I'm not sure if that's changed. I'm looking forward to going back in (even if I do have more than enough books to be getting on with...). The library is also the community support centre for this area, the council use it and there are (or were, pre-COVID) events there for children and elderly people, so I think it's fairly safe.
  24. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    That is a very sensitive way to deal with it oh no! I know we're early for this still, but is anybody making decorations for Christmas this year? I've seen some miniature embroidery hoops and I really like the idea of making some into tree decorations.
  25. Victober

    Ok, the poll is up! Let me know if you think I've missed any details!