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  1. Victober

    I agree with Raven. The type of train they'd have been using was a lot slower. The single train may well have made more stops too, but the speed would mainly explain why it takes so long in Dracula (although, compared to their past forms of travel, that was very fast!). There's actually a really interesting thing I read about travel in Dracula, but I can't tell you what it is without spoiling the ending! That's a pretty amazing fact - so no two Dracula's are the same! I've only seen the Gary Oldman one but it was a good film. I still can't believe how quickly you read Lady Audley's Secret! I still haven't fully decided on my Penny Dreadful, or if I want to try to read the whole thing!
  2. Folio Society

    I've actually never looked at the wish list function. Might have to play with that later, I like the thought of making a list of pretty books . maybe on a bookshop?
  3. Waterstone's Plus Card

    Oooh thanks for pointing that out! I do and there are a couple of books I want to buy as Christmas presents, so I might get them early for the points! There aren’t many better feelings than really wanting a book and realising that you have £10 on your Waterstones card
  4. Folio Society

    That one is lovely. The folio one looks worth indulging in though! I love the slipcase for that too. Well on the plus side, they do always send a voucher when it’s your birthday!
  5. Folio Society

    Just noticed the folio society have released their Christmas collection (is it always this early??) and it has a very nice illustrated Dracula. https://www.foliosociety.com/uk/new And a new James Bond with a very impressive slipcase!
  6. Victober

    Yep, hugely fluid! It's because the era can be defined by the reigning monarch or recognisable movements in culture (which are really hard to pin down!). As you said, Kev, the big obvious change in literature is around the first world war, so that's why some historians use 1914. I feel like I'm on the edge of a good bit at the moment, although I'm not very far in! Fingers crossed! I do find it really frustrating when there's a mystery to be solved but the narrative takes you away from that mystery for a long time. I have seen that one but it was a long time ago and I can't really remember how accurate it might have been. I do remember that they made a big point of Lucy being a lot more sexualised than Mina, which I know some people say is why she gets the fate she does in the book.
  7. Willoyd's Reading 2021

    Your review reminded me that I really wanted to try the Maigret books! I love a good detective novel. Although, I think there are quite a lot out there that could be described this way (!):
  8. Kindle and ebooks deals

    The Mermaid of Black Conch by Monique Roffey (which won the Costa book of the year award last year) is 99p on kindle for the month.
  9. Victober

    Agreed. I can’t wait to see how it ends! August feels like a very long time… I didn’t know that! I’m quite intrigued. I wonder what he changed!? Although we do tend to talk about the Victorian era as the literal reign of Queen Victoria, a lot of people would say the Edwardian era doesn’t start until about 1914. So you’d be safe with that still! That sounds good though! It reminds me a bit of Frankenstein! I read the first two chapters of Lady Audley’s Secret last night and I think I’m going to like it!
  10. Victober

    Oh yes! When you said The Dance of the Serpents was the last one I thought you meant the last one we have to read for now! I think the actual last one will be out next year. I really hope It was so good! There were so many intense moments and layers of mystery. That's good to hear! I'm just about to start it.
  11. Victober

    Oh yes! I suppose it all adds to a sense of a sinister threat approaching. I finished Dance of the Serpents last night (was NOT expecting that last scene!) so I'll be starting Lady Audley's Secret today. Reading the notes at the end of Dance of the Serpents - where Oscar de Muriel explains which elements were true and which were fiction - made me think about the way he actually writes about the Victorian period compared to other authors I've read and I think what I really like about his setting is that it actually feels real. There are a lot of novels with Victorian settings that end up like a kind of caricature of that period, with characters from real life thrown in to make it feel more genuine (although I actually think that often makes it worse). The characters in the Frey & McGray novels fit into their world perfectly; they don't have aside thoughts about the usefulness of telegram or to reflect on the railway in ways that we just don't do with everyday things in our own times. Oscar de Muriel posted on Twitter earlier this week that he'd had the final book in the series, The Sign of the Devil, back from his editor (and teased that one of the editor's comments was 'so many bombshells!!!') so I can't wait for that - although I will be very sad that no more books are coming out. Hopefully he'll start a new, equally good series!
  12. I can't think of any that you don't already have on your list but I did un-bold your text for you (you'll be able to edit posts yourself once you have ten posts).
  13. Victober

    I’m glad you included the video clip because I’d have had to search otherwise! I do love a good twist in a story. I would love to go to Whitby. Partly because of Dracula, partly because it sounded amazing in Possession by A.S Byatt, and partly because I hear they have excellent fish and chips . Possession made a lot of the Victorian love for Whitby Jet in mourning jewellery, which is something I’d also be interested in. I wonder whether appearing as a black dog is related to other folk tales about black dogs as bad omens? The way they do that is implied later in the book but I’m not sure if you’ll have gotten there yet and don’t want to give anything away!
  14. Victober

    I had to make myself stop reading last night because I needed to be up early, but this part is full of twists!! I wanted to share this while we're thinking about Victorian things: 🎃🕸️ WikiVictorian 🕸️🎃 (@wikivictorian) / Twitter this Twitter account posts loads of brilliant art, items and clothing from that time. If you scroll down to yesterday's posts it had the mourning dress of Queen Victoria (which made me think of Dance of the Serpents!). Fairly sure you should be able to see it even if you don't have a twitter account.
  15. Victober

    That was quick! I'm assuming the end is good then!? I'm going to read some now! And a very Gothic thing to be! Double points . I also thought the changes in perspective and use of letters etc. were particularly nicely done in Dracula. It slows the rate that you find things out just enough to make it extra tense, but without it becoming too drawn out.
  16. Willoyd's Tour of the States.

    Your method of tweaking the list as you go is working then! I do find that very interesting. It's not something I'd thought about before.
  17. Too Much Internet

    I hadn't heard anything about that. I just looked it up and wow is there a lot of disturbing information! I agree that the timing seems odd but also that it seems a little late for any cleaning up! That's exciting! I have seen others point out today that the outage made them realise that it's dangerous to rely on technology from a single source. Yet another reason why big businesses buying everything up isn't a good thing!
  18. Kindle and ebooks deals

    The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman is 99p on kindle until the end of October.
  19. Too Much Internet

    Just before that is actually the last time I used WhatsApp - I think I’d just lost all sense of how late it was! Everything seems to be back up now though.
  20. Willoyd's Tour of the States.

    Nearly though! Were these last changes just for preference? I know it's considered a classic but I hated In Cold Blood, it made me feel really uncomfortable.
  21. Too Much Internet

    Well that's weird! Has it only gone down in the last hour or so?
  22. Too Much Internet

    Whatsapp is fine too here! I work with a tuition company in China and have had Whatsapp messages from them today as well. Maybe it's a local issue? No idea how I missed this last year but I completely agree. I definitely notice a difference in my own stress levels when I don't use my phone for a long time. I also turned off news alerts because it's definitely not good to be bombarded by stressful (sometimes totally misleading) headlines all day. On the other hand, it seems increasingly as though we're expected to be plugged in all the time for work. There are a few job adverts I've seen recently that specify good social media capabilities, which then makes me feel that I need to be more active on at least one social media platform to be noticed for a job (I should point out, none of the jobs had anything to do with social media). One I looked at just today asked, even more specifically, to show professional use of Twitter. The website I use to advertise tutoring tracks how long you take to respond to messages and rates you accordingly, so the faster you reply the better rating you get, increasing your chance to get work. I've also been doing some freelance editing for a company who just give the job to someone else if you don't reply fast enough, and since they have no 'work hours' I have to have email alerts on constantly. I don't have much of an option other than to play along at the moment, but I do find it incredibly frustrating. And don't even get me started on LinkedIn... That turned into a bit of a rant but, my point is, just as professionals are pointing out that being connected to our phones/ the internet all the time isn't good for us, there's increased expectation that we stay constantly connected. It just doesn't seem right.
  23. Victober

    I hadn't thought of it that way but it could be read in that context. That previous section with Jonathan and the female vampires is definitely very sexual, but there's more going on here too, with Dracula's control of these women, I think. I didn't realise he wrote the introduction. I met him once, he's very nice and very, very good at what he does! I think that's an interesting point about vampirism and disease. Fear of wasting diseases which had no cure would definitely have made the 'symptoms' of being bitten more terrifying! Probably a connection to made there with the late eighteenth-century 'consumptive chic' too (purposely trying to look like you had 'consumption' because it was fashionable) and the attractiveness of vampires in literature and film.
  24. Read-a-thons 2021

    Glad it was a good reading/ eating day for you too . I got to 62% of the book by the end of the day yesterday, which I'm very happy with in one way but, in another, I wish I had more of it to read!
  25. 'The little girl clung to the crone's long skirts, even though the woman scared her as much as the surrounding darkness'. The Dance of the Serpents by Oscar de Muriel