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  1. Translated books

    Apparently (I think maybe we spoke about this before on here??) the translations of the Arabian Nights can be hugely different. It's the main reason I couldn't decide which one to get! (as well as the fact that not all of the stories are included in various editions!). It must be incredibly difficult to translate the sense of a description and the flow of the prose as well as just the words. You must have to be an exceptionally good writer yourself, I think, to translate well.
  2. Yes, we'd just cut out the words 'the year' in modern English, so it would say 'I was born in 1638' . 'could not fail to' means you can't not do something. So the men can't not feel strongly exited, therefore they do feel strongly excited. I hope that helps!
  3. Raven's Reads

    Ooh thanks for that! Honestly, Boogie the dog is really selling it to me
  4. Raven's Reads

    I was tempted by The Salt Path after I read an article about Ray and Moth, which sort of summarised the journey they took and how it ended up being a book - it's just not the kind of book I usually read. Your review hasn't really convinced me to try it but I'll definitely look up 500 Mile Walkies (which I didn't know was the inspiration for their trip, I don't think that was mentioned in the article).
  5. Hayley's Reading in 2021

    The base of Mount TBR… I was checking the name of a book on Goodreads today and realised I’ve only read 12 books so far this year. Although I don’t feel like I’ve been reading that much less than usual, I suppose I’ve just had a really busy year. I am absolutely going to use it as an excuse to have extra autumn reading time though.
  6. Hayley's Reading in 2021

    I really am! I’m so glad I saw your post about them! Thank you. I think we’re past the initial horrible shock of it now at least, so it is getting better. I started the great book migration yesterday, with just two of the boxes. The only book storage I have right now is a technically not a bookcase, it’s a display cabinet - but it was £20 in the heart foundation and the perfect width, so I decided I could just replace the glass shelves with more solid ones and it will be perfect (downside being that I still don’t have the shelves!). The bottom part of the cabinet already had wooden shelves though, so I’ve started with that and I’m using it for ‘work’ books (some are still fiction but they’re books I’m likely to need for teaching/research). The shelves are deep enough for two layers of books but I’d like to avoid that for as long as possible, so things are easier to find! I also definitely want to make a physical tbr mountain before I shelve the rest of my books
  7. This isn't just funny, it's also good practical advice Me too, I think Dante's Inferno was my favourite one . Although it's weirdly made me want to try Don Quixote...
  8. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    I haven't done a jigsaw for ages but it's something I think I would like! I had an email from The Works with some really pretty ones for sale recently too. That is a big downside of them. I think you can buy a thing that allows you to roll up a partially finished jigsaw, but I don't know how well that works. It would be very disappointing if you spent ages making progress on one and it broke when you rolled it up!
  9. (This one is kind of more clever than funny but I didn’t want to interrupt the Limerick thread for it ) I thought other people might also enjoy these book summaries
  10. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    It’s not as big as a bell pepper (although maybe they’re different sizes, I’m not sure), but they are sweet peppers. They’re about the size of the palm of my hand. We haven’t tried it yet but it looks lovely!
  11. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    Thank you! I saved one for my dad too, he also liked it We also had our first pepper today! I love being able to pick and eat things straight from the garden - I definitely want to plant more edible things for next year. I just need to work out what will be best for the limited space we have!
  12. Hayley's Reading in 2021

    Physik (Septimus Heap 3) by Angie Sage 4/5 - I really enjoyed it The blurb of this books tells you that the main character is going to travel back in time and, to be honest, I thought that might be a departure from the previous two books which I might not enjoy. As it turns out though, it really wasn't a departure at all and the time travel element fits perfectly with the story. You don't really feel at any point like you've left the world you're used to. Otherwise I really enjoyed this for the same reasons I enjoyed the previous two books in the series - they're well-written, easy to read and fun bit of escapism. I'm very glad I have the full set because I'm looking forward to the next one! I actually finished Physik while I was away for a few days, otherwise I probably would have started the next book in the series straight away. The only other book I had with me (I didn't think it was likely that I'd finish Physik, but I got hooked!) was Botanical Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland by Lisa Schneidau, so I'm part-way through that right now and it's also very good so far! I also visited an antiques shop and a charity shop on that trip, where I found these: Which I’m very pleased with!
  13. Books that make you blub

    I didn't actually cry at the ending of Tess, but I've never been so angry with an author about the ending of a book!
  14. The Darker Arts

    I think this had the most tension of all the books in the series. I literally didn’t want to put it down. Although it really was very convoluted, I enjoyed all the twists!
  15. ‘You need to pick up the shiny octopus before I get attached to him 😄’
  16. Read-a-thons 2021

    Thank you! I think I’ll need it
  17. Hayley's Reading in 2021

    Thank you. This has been a very sad thread recently but I do have a couple of nice book-related things to post soon, including a review and some new books. I have been promised that my shelves are arriving soon too, so I'll share some updates on the book-moving excitement/ chaos as that happens!
  18. Hayley's Reading in 2021

    Thank you. I know that's very brief, and the same goes for my last post, but I do really mean that thank you, to all of you.
  19. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    Oh! I see. Well yes, we do have unpredictable summer weather here! If we get particularly heavy rain forecast I might just bring the ripest-looking tomatoes in, just in case.
  20. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    It is! I was very excited about it . And that would have been a good idea but we put salt on them and ate them just after that photo was taken… the next one can be a sandwich! So they will crack if they get too cold? Thank you, I wouldn’t have thought about the stalks. I suppose it’s weighing the risk of them being damaged by the weather or eaten by slugs etc when they’re in the ground isn’t it. I’ll try just leaving them for a while longer and see how they go! I did notice a couple of small slugs on the leaves today though. You must just have a magic touch It’s been nice and sunny here today, hopefully the nice weather will get to you too soon! This sounds really stupid in hindsight but I have no idea, I didn’t think to check! It was a bit of a random purchase when I was getting paint from B&Q. I also regret not remembering exactly what the pepper was because I have no idea when they’re meant to be ready!
  21. I loved Dracula, I started it expecting a difficult read but was very pleasantly surprised! Les Miserables is on my shelf, so I’ll be interested to see what you think of that. Why are you not looking forward to Henry James?
  22. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    Well it’s definitely not the neatest of tomato plants, but I got the first three ripe tomatoes off it today and they taste lovely! I know some people pick them a bit early and let them ripen in a bowl (with bananas?). What does everyone here do?
  23. Kindle and ebooks deals

    (From Twitter) Gollancz has these books for 99p on kindle for the rest of august:
  24. Read-a-thons 2021

    The second weekend is fine for me too. Hopefully I’ve have actually sorted all my books out by then
  25. Hayley's Reading in 2021

    Thank you everyone .