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  1. What's the weather like?

    I agree with you Nollaig the plants definitely needed the rain. Its me that does not like it. Today is very black but at least it is dry and fairly warm.
  2. Your Book Activity - September 2017

    I have now finished the Muse by Jessie Burton, I so enjoyed this one will read again at some point
  3. Your Book Activity - August 2017

    Nice work if you can get it - Celia Imrie - I read the first book Not Quite Nice which I so enjoyed and this is the continuation of that book. I'm sure you can read them individually as well but it is the same characters. Invitation to Die - Jaden Syke - this is the first book in a new series from this author - I have read quite a lot of her books and enjoyed them.
  4. Book Title scramble

    The Dark Tower trynuoc venaeh
  5. I am a mood reader, I think that is why I read a couple of books at a time, if one of the ones I am reading isn't grabbing me that night I will pick a different one up. Its very rare that I don't want to read anything.
  6. What's the weather like?

    What a dreary weekend, didn't get to sit out at all as just as I put chairs out it rained again so gave up. Lot of surface water driving into work today so will have to be careful around the lanes.
  7. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    I picked this one up over the weekend and got through it in no time The Cake Shop in the Garden - Carole Matthews - really enjoyed it wasent hard to read and was an easy way of relaxing.
  8. What are you eating just now?

    A Peach and Pineapple yogurt - Muller Light
  9. What Are You Watching Now? - 2017

    Wasent that a good match, as you say made all the better because England won. I do think that India gave it away though they really went to pot at the end. But that is the name of the game.
  10. What's the weather like?

    Its not been too good today, no sunshine to speak of and it cannot have been too warm because I did not have to have my fan on.
  11. Health and Fitness

    Keep it up Pontalba. they do say the slower it comes off the better and that is a good loss. I have just reached 31 lbs loss since the middle of January. I started doing it originally to go on holiday in may and since I got back just continued with it. I am doing slimming world as I find this suits my way of life.
  12. Health and Fitness

    That is such good news Chesilbeach, I know I had problems before I got my asthma under control.
  13. Doctor Who Series 10 + New Doctor?

    I don't understand the negative feedback, wait, watch and see. I am looking forward to seeing what she brings to the show. To be fair she cannot be any worse than Peter Capaldi. I just did not get on with him at all. I will definitely give the show another go now, personally I feel it is already lighter or breath of fresh air, may be better way of saying it.
  14. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    Finally I will be starting the Essex Serpent when I get home tonight - Sarah Perry. I hope it lives up to expectations