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    Cider House Rules by John Irving
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    Aahhh where do I start - I love horse riding, cycling, keeping fit, socialising, going to gigs, travelling and of course reading! Which I don't have nearly enough time for!
  1. Halfway through Memoirs of Geisha when I should have been reading my book club book oops!

  2. Right back at ya! Hope you're well xx

  3. Just popping in by to say hello...see you passed by mine.

  4. So many books, so little time...my TBR pile is getting ridiculous!

  5. Hi Habeebi, sorry I meant to reply earlier, I am great thanks the weather is lovely which always makes me feel better, How are you?

  6. Six hours of reading a great novel today! No better way to spend a Sunday!

    1. SueK


      Oh wow, I would give anything for a Sunday like that!

  7. Hi yes I have read The Book Thief I loved it - is that what you're reading at the moment?. x

  8. Just thought I would say hi! Am new on this site and just having a mootch around! There seems to be a lot of people from bonny Scotland! Jo x

  9. Haha I'm from Blyth originally then moved up to Whitley Bay and now in Seaton Delightful - well tis a small world!

  10. I was born at Ashington Matty as well - LOL! My mam still loves in Blyth with my Step-Dad, and my Grom and other family members are all in Ashington and Bedlington. I still get down to visit every now and then. The only time I get the accent back is when I've been talking to other Geordies as I've been up here since I was 11-y-o.

  11. Hi Kell just saw your message there - I was born at Ashington Hospital and used to work there before it was knocked down. Do you still have your AAaaaaashington accent? :)

  12. Hi, Habibi. I live in Aberdeen in N. E. Scotland, but I'm originally from Ashington, Northumberland. :)

  13. Hello! Just having a mootch! Hope you are ok x

  14. Hello just thought I would say hi - where abouts in the north do you live x