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  1. Fredrik Backman

    I've read 'My grandmother sends her regards and apologises' and 'Britt-Marie'. They were both good, definitely very moving books but not in a manner that feels forced or unnecessary. Bonus: the Britt-Marie character overlaps!
  2. Happy Birthday Jen. I hope all is well and happy with you. Big hugs. XXX

  3. You're back! How wonderful. And yes, jobless and at home is indeed a step forward! All is well with me. Glad to 'see' you. Big hugs. XXX

  4. Hi Chrissy! I am well thank you =) I just graduated! And am now jobless and living with my parents, but hey, it's a step forward.. How are you doing?

  5. Hello Hyzenthlay. Hope all is good with you. Big Hugs X

  6. Hello Chrissy! Merry Chrisstmas:) Cheesy? Maybe. Hope you are good!

    1. Chrissy


      And to you my lovely. : ) All is well and happy with me. How about you? XXX

  7. Happy Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day. XXX

  8. Hello lovely! Hope al is cool 'n' groovy with you. XXX

  9. Lazy mornings are the best!

    1. bree


      Ah - the luxury of having no early-waking toddler.

      I was there once - long ago - in the hazy past :/

  10. Oh joy! Glad to be back. :)

    1. bobblybear


      Woohoo!! Suffering withdrawal here!

    2. vodkafan


      did you go somewhere nice?

    3. Hyzenthlay


      I went to Egypt. It was surreal. And then I come back and my beloved board wasn't here, nooo :( I hope you've been well!

  11. Hiya, I'm about 15% into A Song for Arbonne now! Just thought I'd tell you. I've noticed some of the lists and suggestions you've made about the forum - seems your taste has a tendency to mimick mine. Or maybe it's the other way around. Anyway, you suggested ASfA, and it seems to be at the same level of quality as his other work. Similar in style, though. Same effects used to draw you in, I think. It kind of makes me feel a little apprehensive - I'm worried I'l...

  12. Just applied for a job in Oslo... As an actual doctor! Omg.. need to NOT get my hopes up. (OSLO)

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    2. pontalba


      Hope it goes through, what an experience it'd be!! But. Even if it doesn't, good practice in applying. :D

    3. Hyzenthlay


      tell you the truth id be happy to work anywhere :)

    4. Kidsmum


      Best of luck will keep my fingers & toes crossed for you :)

  13. Feeling like I've isolated part of my soul from the world. Weird? Yeah. But hey. That's normal for me.

    1. Chrissy
    2. vodkafan


      Especially in January. I don't start feeling normal till about march.

  14. Here's to 2012 - may you bring great things for those I love. And those I don't, too. Unless they're evil.