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  1. Your Book Activity - June 2018

    I'm reading Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan. I haven't seen the Netflix series so I'm going into it cold and i have to say, it's very good so far.
  2. Audible - is it worth it?

    I'm toying with the idea of signing up to Audible, as I have a hour drive each way to work and often don't feel like listening to music. But, is it distracting to drive while listening to an audiobook? I imagine it's the same as listening to talkback on radio, but you're more likely to get 'drawn in'. Also, how would I listen while driving? Do I download the books to my phone and listen via Bluetooth? What about books I already own in Kindle version....can I buy the audible version at a reduced price? Does the £7.99/month fee mean I can download as many books as I want per month for no extra charge? Sorry for all the questions, but the Audible site isn't very clear and I don't want to start a free trial unless I know what I'm actually doing. Edit: I found the Help section which answers most of my questions. So, the £7.99 gives you credit for one book a month? If I want to buy two books then the second one will be at full price (which isn't cheap!)? Do they still do Daily Deals, per the pinned thread?
  3. Kindle in Motion

    I've never heard of Kindle in Motion, but it looks like it has been around for nearly a year. I've just look at a couple of You Tube videos, and it looks interesting but a tad gimmicky. I only have a Paperwhite, but I also have the Kindle app on my phone. The first Harry Potter book is being released as a Kindle in Motion book next month, and I think that would be pretty cool, but there isn't a very big selection of books which feature it. I wonder why Amazon didn't promote it more??
  4. The Gaming Box

    What the....? Sounds bonkers! I'm back on Fallout 4, started it from scratch...love that game!
  5. Health and Fitness

    Oh good grief, you wouldn't want to see that. So, I managed to do about 11 days of yoga, with only one day off. However, last Thursday as I bent down to roll out my yoga mat I hurt my back. How's that for ironic??! I couldn't walk standing straight for about 2 days and it's only yesterday that I feel fully healed. I haven't done the yoga since, but will keep with it but I think I will do it every 2 days, instead of every day. I don't know if that had anything to do with hurting my back, but I'll take it a bit easier for a while now. Thanks, Nollaig. I'm not bendy either, and the yoga I've been doing doesn't require much flexibility but it requires you to hold these poses. And it is so difficult! The woman on the video (Yoga with Adriene on You Tube) makes it look so effortless, but I struggle like anything...and my muscles were so sore the next day. I'm talking about basic things like lunges which look easy, but are so hard to do when you have to stay in that position for a minute. I shall keep doing it and hopefully they will get easier....I mean, I can't even touch my toes while keeping my legs straight, so I have a long way to go.
  6. Your Book Activity - August 2017

    ....and the mornings..... such a downer. On the plus side, I've bought quite a few Kindle books from the Monthly Deals. I bought: The Fear of 13 - Nick Yarris Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know - Ranulph Fiennes All Things Bright and Beautiful - James Herriot An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth - Chris Hadfield Water For Elephants - Sara Gruen Spaceman - Mike Massimino We Have Always Lived in the Castle - Shirley Jackson And this morning, I bought: The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie - Muriel Spark A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived - Adam Rutherford My book buying is out of control this year. From the library, I have After You by Jojo Moyes and Under A Pole Star by Stef Penney to read. I have to return Campari for Breakfast by Sara Crowe this week. I didn't finish it, but I think that's because I was reading 5 minutes here and there and so lost track of what was going on. I'm now reading The Everything Store which is about Amazon and it's founder Jeff Bezos. Interesting reading. I hope to finish it this week....I have the week off work, but unfortunately we have builders in all week and I can't relax enough to read properly. They are demolishing and rebuilding a retaining wall, so making a lot of noise and I keep peeking out the window to see what it's looking like. It's raining today, so I don't think they will be here which means I may get some quality reading time.
  7. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    I read this a couple of years ago. I've forgotten all of it but I recall it was interesting! I'm in the 'hated it' camp. Some of the characters just irritated me senselessly!
  8. pontalba's 2017 reading list

    I've read The Silence....I think I read it based on Nollaig's recommendation. I really enjoyed that one, I can still remember certain sections quite vividly.
  9. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    I read this earlier in the month and thought it was so fascinating. It's a bit depressing as well when you realise the destruction humans have caused to other animals. I'm sure this is the Columbine book I read last year, but I can't find it on Amazon (at least the Kindle version) anymore. Anyway, from what I remember it was a very detailed read, so I hope you enjoy it ('enjoy' somehow seems to be the wrong word!). Oh no, that's a shame. That was going to be one of my next reads, once I get the library book out of the way. I might postpone it then, but then again I may enjoy it. I'm now reading The Circle by Dave Eggers. It's a bit tedious, but I'm still able to carry on reading it. I should finish it tonight.
  10. Health and Fitness

    That's why I don't want to go to a class. My yoga mat arrived the other day, and the book arrived this morning, so now I'm committed. I will let you know how I get on....
  11. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    I finished Last Night In Montreal by Emily St John Mandel. It was good but I felt like something was missing. Now I'm reading The Jigsaw Man by Paul Britton which is utterly fascinating.
  12. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    I finished The Sixth Extinction, which was a fascinating read, albeit very depressing. Now I've moved on to Last Night In Montreal by Emily St. John Mandel. I loved her Station Eleven so hopefully I will enjoy this one.
  13. Willoyd's Reading 2017

    I just bought The Circle the other day. It was only £0.99 so if I don't like it, no great loss.
  14. What's for Dinner?

    ....Soon to be followed by Rum and Raisin ice-cream.
  15. What's for Dinner?

    Roast chicken dinner.