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      Moving Day Coming Soon   01/11/2021

      As many of you know, we've been looking at changing hosts for a while now. This will allow us to access the tech support we need for the site and should speed up the forum as well as ironing out a few issues we've been having recently.    We are now signed up to the new hosting plan and can go ahead with the move as soon as the new hosts have everything they need (which is currently being sorted!). The forum should not be offline for more than a day during the switch and hopefully it won't even take that long. I don't have an exact time or day for the move yet but this is an early warning to expect some downtime soon.   When we are offline, no matter how briefly, you can follow the forum twitter page (@bookclubforum) for updates.  


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    Well aside from reading, I also enjoying watching movies, listening to music, writing, eating out, and socialising with my friends :)
  1. Happy new year everyone :)

  2. Finished work until Tuesday, can now start enjoying Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone :)

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      Merry Christmas to you too! X