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  1. The Limerick Game

    Bert Blewitt frquently said That a pimple on his forehead Kept getting bigger
  2. The Limerick Game

    just the opening line next time, please, not 3/5 of a limerick.
  3. Thank you. A bit pedantic of me, I know, but its only good manners to call people by their right names. Makes it easier for the search engine to find them, too
  4. I know this thread is nearly eight years old, but is there any chance that a moderator could correct the author name in the thread title?
  5. The Limerick Game

    One day in the rain I got lost Whilst Raven got his wires crossed I looked for a sign He'd been pulled back in line Or into the garbage been tossed //////////////////////////////////////////// An author who should have known better
  6. The Limerick Game

    There was a disgruntled bug catcher Went cutting reeds with a thatcher A dung beetle he spied "Eureka!" He cried.
  7. The Limerick Game

    There was a disgruntled bug catcher Went cutting reeds with a thatcher.
  8. Problem with editor

    That's very kind. There are plans to archive as much as possible, but it is early days yet and although we are aiming to close in June there is a lot to be done first.
  9. Problem with editor

    Are you dealing with Stuart? He has been really helpful to BGO, especially when David, our beloved Administrator died and the mods had to take over at short notice.
  10. The Limerick Game

    There once was a goose with a cold Whose libarary book was on hold "I want to renew, My Aunt's Formica ® pew" This edition is terribly old." A writer of SciFi once tried
  11. Problem with editor

    I've sorted the profile editor.! It was Safari - my default browser, it has been playing up a lot recently, but I keep forgetting that and blaming my dodgy broadband. Just tried Chrome, and got into my profile straight away. I'll try that next time I want to add a link somewhere. Sorry for causing you aggravation, I'm sure you've got enough to deal with here without my internet problems adding complications.
  12. The Limerick Game

    There once was a goose with a cold Whose libarary book was on hold "I want to renew,
  13. Problem with editor

    Yes, loading posts is a bit slow. I don't have particularly good broadband - 1960s house with concrete block walls & WiFi doesn't like it. Generally it's either slow on all sites at the same time or good on all, but the problems I'm having here seem pretty consistent. I am comparing it with BGO, which is also hosted by Invision, so I am familiar with the way it works (I find loading posts there difficult sometimes) - I've tried accessing my profile over there and not had a problem. Of course, being a mod over there means I have access to things I can't access here, but that shouldn't affect my ability to edit my own profile. Odd !
  14. The Limerick Game

    Not very observant, am I?
  15. John Wyndham

    I started reading John Wyndham's books back in the mid 1960s. Some I have re -read, the Chrysalids several times. The most well-known ones disappeared from my bookshelves sometime in the 1990s (around the time my sons let home!?). The Chrysalids I replaced, to read for a bookgroup about 15 years ago, and gradually picked up others from second-hand bookshops etc., as well as some of his lesser known books. They all, surprisingly, survived a major book-cull when we 'downsized' about five years ago, I have no idea why, as I am unlikely to read them again - my eyes can no longer cope with the tiny print of older editions. There are still a couple of gaps in the collection, but I am unlikely to add to it now.