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    Just transferred schools.. so there's a mountain of new books! Nice!

    The only books I don't really enjoy are over-the-top fantasy novels, and holocaust stories (read WAAY too many of those already).
  1. MUAHAHA! Boxing day books! THEY'RE ALL MINE!!

  2. Back online. But I'm sick! x__x

    1. AbielleRose


      Hope you feel better soon! xx

  3. Work after school, taking course at a college too! No time anymore. Finished Reading handmaid's tale! >:(

  4. On Beauty (Zadie Smith), Saturday (Ian McEwan), and The book of Illusions (Paul Auster). u___u

  5. Yay new books are always awesome :) what have you got your hands on?

  6. aaahaha

    Yeah. But my town isn't much of a good read you could say. :/ Donated books are so lame! D:

    But I'm reading new books now :P

  7. You've read all the books in your library?! I can't even think what to say to that! Maybe you should just move to a bigger town :P

  8. Ahahaha, well I've finished all books for now at least.

    and thanks for the welcome. I'm sure it'll be fun being here.

  9. You've finished ALL books? Man, you're on the wrong site! This is for people who HAVEN'T read all books! :)

    Hope you have a good day at the beach, youngster! And welcome to the BCF. It's pretty good on here and everyone is very friendly. Even me. TTFN.

  10. Day off tomorrow.. Hopefully books get delivered! Feelin' glum.