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      Dear BCF members,   This forum has been running now for many years, and over that time we have seen many changes. Generalised forums are nowhere near as popular as they once were, and they have been very much taken over by blogs, vlogs and social media discussions. Running a forum well takes money, and a lot of care and attention, as there is so much which goes on behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.   With all of this in mind, and after discussion within the current moderator team, the decision has been made to close this forum in its current format. I know that this will disappoint a lot of our long term members, but I want to reassure you that it's not a decision which has been taken lightly.    The remaining moderator team have agreed that we do not want to lose everything which is special about our home, and so we are starting a brand new facebook group, so that people can stay in touch, and discussions can continue. We can use it for free and should be easier for us to run (it won't need to be updated or hosted). We know not everyone has FaceBook, but we hope that those of you who are interested will join the group. We will share the link, and send invites as soon as we are ready to go. Added: We may as well get this going, find us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/195289821332924/   The forum will close to new registrations, but will remain open for some time, to allow people to collect up any information, reading lists etc they need to, and to ensure they have contact details for those they wish to stay in touch with.    The whole team feel sad to say goodbye, but we also feel that it's perhaps time and that it feels like the right choice. We hope we can stay in touch with all of you through our new FaceBook group.   I personally want to thank everyone who has helped me moderate the forum, both in the past and the present, and I also want to thank every single person who has visited, and shared their love of books.. I'm so proud of everything we've achieved, and the home we built.   Please visit the new section in the Lounge section to discuss this further, ask questions etc.


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  1. Weight Loss and Getting in Shape

    I lost about 2 stone last year from not eating healthily, skipping meals etc and I put it all back on again. Luckily I caught it in time and now I eat healthily and go for a run every other day and practice yoga. I tend to put weight on my stomach also which is annoying, first place it goes on and the last place it comes off. I've just resigned myself to the fact now and with healthy eating and the exercise, hopefully one day I'll wake up and it won't be there anymore
  2. Dips

    I found some really nice dips on a site called Prevention RD. It's written by a girl who struggled with her weight all her life and managed it through weight watchers. Loads of tips on it each week and she blogs daily. Really nice site
  3. Eliza's Reading 2012

    Glad it brought back memories It really is one of those hidden Gems of the Literary world.
  4. I'm reading Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away by Christie Watson . Really Enjoying it so far!!!
  5. Eliza's Reading 2012

    Of Human Bondage - William Somerset Maugham Orphaned at an early age and growing up under the care of his uncle William Carey, Philip Carey gives up his career in Academia. He travels to Germany, Paris, and London exploring the beautiful and dangerous world of the Parisian apprentice artist, turning his hand eventually to Medicine. Trying his hand at different ways of life, Philip encounters the worlds of love, friendship, poverty and death. Meeting characters along the way such as the enigmatic, failed poet Cronshaw and the Spanish Engineer Athelny. He makes lasting friendships and endures a torturous, heartbreaking love for the ambitious, indifferent Mildred. "Of Human Bondage" is the poignant story of a mans struggle between truth and idealism, and his light at the end of the tunnel. Comments First thought you are likely to have (and I did have it), is that this book is set in the late 1800's, early 1900's. So old fashioned? Yes. But as a classic, I think it is a must read. The story telling is absolutely amazing, I didn't want to put it down. The main character is Philip and you travel with him throughout his adolescent years, seeing him grow up from being a spoilt little boy full of silly ideals, to a man with a lot of integrity, a truly good person. There is a lot of soul searching throughout this book and much description of art and art decor from the period and even before. But these are few and far between and wind throughout the story so you don't really notice. I would really recommend this. In my opinion it's one of W. Somerset Maugham's best works. A lot of home truths within that make you stop and think. Very heartfelt and satisfying. I would give this a 7/10
  6. Eliza's Reading 2012

    Hi everyone, I had a reading blog last in 2010/2011 which unfortunately I didn't keep up. I've made a new resolution this time to review every book I read along with a synopsis. I don't have a list as at the moment I am compiling it, so I will update in the future! My reading is generally at random as I pick up and read any book that takes my fancy. Hope this blog is useful for some members down the line! Eliza.
  7. Halfway through Of Human Bondage now, really enjoying it. Watched a Louis Theroux Documentary last night on Indian spiritual Gurus. Quite interesting, makes you wonder why people are compelled to go and live that life. I'm trying to lose a bit of weight at the moment. So I've lost a quarter of a pound in the last two days. I can't seem to stop eating junk!
  8. 100 books

    I've read 37 on the list! I'm amazed I've actually read that many!
  9. Waiting for the Sun - The Doors
  10. All about Kylie

    Oh your a mod now! yay, good for you
  11. The Last Film You Saw ~ Part 2

    I've started watching the Borgias with Jeremy Irons. Really enjoying that... last film I saw was The Hunger Games in the Cinema. Wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was, I'd never read the books so I didn't know what it was about. Really enjoyable. I've bought the last two books now to read.
  12. Dirty Old Town - The Dubliners
  13. Reading Comfort Zones

    I've read books that I thought would be difficult to read, like some of Charles Dickens works. I'm not lazy but I usually would stick within my comfort zone and read something that didn't take very much concentration or thought. I set myself a challenge and I really enjoyed it! I don't let anything put me off the classics now although I did find it difficult to read Bleak House and I gave up In terms of disturbing works, there is nothing I won't read, it's good to get an insight into everything possible, that is what life is about really. The closest I've come to being out of my comfort zone in those terms is when I read "She's come undone" by Wally Lamb. I found that novel really raw and I thought about it a lot afterwards. A really good experience though in retrospect.
  14. Set fire to the rain - Adele
  15. Haven't been on in a while, how is everyone? I'm making my way through the Inspector Morse novels by Colin Dexter. They are brilliant Started watching the series from the 1980's too!