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  1. It's been a day short of a year since you were last here. I hope all is well with you. X

  2. I was supposed to receive a book today. Tracking says "delivered". No package in the box. :(((((

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    2. Pixie


      No, it's the US postal service. Our local delivery sucks!

    3. Pixie


      Yay! It's finally here, a day later.

    4. Janet


      I'm glad it arrived safely. :)

  3. My scalp is on my mind? :-D

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    2. Kylie



    3. ian


      It's the best place for it - I always keep mine there!

    4. Pixie


      Good thinking, Ian. ;-)

  4. Is having one of those days when life seems stupid and pointless.

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    2. Pixie


      Thanks, everyone! :) I am feeling better today.

    3. poppyshake


      Yay!! Was chocolate the cure?

    4. Pixie


      Oh, chocolate is always the cure. ;-)

  5. Going to the Steven Wilson concert today. WOOO HOOO! :-)))))

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    2. pickle


      Enjoy have fun and relax it will be brill

    3. Karsa Orlong

      Karsa Orlong

      Nice, have a great time Pixie!

    4. Pixie


      The concert was amazing! And you think Rush is better than this live, Karsa? I'm not so sure. ;-)

  6. Happy Halloween everyone! The little ones scare me.

  7. I think I have finally actually lost my mind.

    1. poppyshake


      would a sat nav help?

    2. Karsa Orlong

      Karsa Orlong

      ooh look, here it is! Now all you need is Dr Hfuhruhurr to put it back in!

    3. ~Andrea~


      hope you're ok pixie

  8. I'm gonna smash the smoke detector to pieces. It's driving me crazy with it's chirping!

    1. Janet


      LOL - it might be safer to put new batteries in it!!

    2. Pixie


      Actually, tried that. Still chirping. Disconnected it until I can get new ones. All good. :)


    3. Pixie


      New smoke detectors, that is.

  9. This place smells like books. :-)

  10. My dad just passed away.

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    2. Inver


      So sorry to hear your sad news...I know how you feel, losing my dad last December (hugs)xxx

    3. SueK


      Belated condolences Pixie. I've just seen this. I'm very sorry to hear of your sad loss. xx

    4. Pixie


      Thank you again, everyone. I appreciate all your kind thoughts.

  11. I've been reading every day, but lately it's taking forever to get through a book. A 300 page novel should not take a week to get through. :(

    1. Samsiren


      sometimes I hit that kind of funk - push through! hehe.

    2. Pixie


      I'm trying! :)


  12. I will not worry. I will not worry. I will not worry. Why worry? What does it solve? Nothing! :-)

    1. Chrissy


      Don't be a worrier ~

      Be a WARRIOR!

      Go girl!!!

    2. vodkafan


      Don't start worrying till there is actually something to worry about. Or something like that.

  13. In Gainesville now waiting for the furniture to arrive. Moving is not fun.

    1. Chrissy


      Embrace the change where you can, and keep in your heart a pebble of calm that you can grasp when needed. XXX

  14. Yesterday and today have been two of the weirdest stress days of my life. So much happening, one after the other. But I got through it without breaking down or freaking out. Yay, me!

    1. ~Andrea~


      Oh dear - glad to hear you're surviving it though

  15. Is it Friday yet? OMG, what am I saying? I don't even have a job. LOL