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    Obviously i'm a booklover & so most of my spare time i enjoying reading. I also enjoy going to the gym & keeping fit, i usually go 3 times a week & am fitter now than i've ever been in my life. I think of myself as being a quiet person but i do enjoy meeting up with friends for lunch & having a laugh & a chit chat.
  1. Loom

    My two youngest are mad about them at the moment . The good thing is that they're not an expensive pastime but annoying as i keep finding the bands all over the floor
  2. Anna's Books for 2014

    Lol!!! Not been hiding i've just had loads of stuff going on with the family so haven't felt like posting.
  3. Kidsmum's Reading Log 2014

    I didn't know that..... 800 pages ...... i guess she had plenty to say about him I would be interested in reading about Mrs Mao, she was some piece of work ....... i'd love to know what made her tick
  4. Ruth - 2014

    Ruth - enjoyed your review of How To Be A woman, my eldest daughter recently bought this for me so when i manage to wrest it off my teenage daughter who has grabbed it first i'll see if i feel the same way about it as you
  5. Kidsmum's Reading Log 2014

    After Flodden Rosemary Goring Set in 1513 in Scotland after the battle of Flodden , Louise Brenier searches for her brother Benoit lost in action. She seeks help from Patrick Paniter James IV advisor who was also at Flodden & is now a broken man & is accompanied on her quest by the dashing Gilbert Torrance. Her journey brings her into contact with the rough & ready clans of the borderlands when she is taken captive by them. This is in essence a romance story in a historical setting. I would have preferred a bit more history & a lot less romance as you could tell how it was going to pan out right from the beginning, so no real surprises there . But it was an easy & quite enjoyable read a good holiday book & i did enjoy the ending where you find out why Paniter is such a tormented soul. 3/6
  6. Julie 2014

    Hi Julie, So glad to hear that your hubby got a new job, that's one thing to cross off the worry list. I hope all goes well with your knee surgery & you recover quickly .... i think the extra reading material is a great idea
  7. Anna's Books for 2014

    Hi Anna, Just read your review of Wild Swans & i'm glad you enjoyed it so much. It's definitely a book that once read your not likely to forget it
  8. Kidsmum's Reading Log 2014

    Wild Swans Jung Chang The story of three generations of women from one chinese family , Wild Swans begins at the end of the 1800's with concubines & footbindings & goes on to cover among other things the Boxer Rebellion, Cultural Revolution & the death of Mao. What i liked about the book was that i learnt an awful lot about what life was for most people under communism something i knew very little about. I did however find this quite a difficult read because it was so harrowing . Communism while sounding wonderful in theory when put into practise caused such devastation & hardship & Mao's increasingly bizarre demands of his people, tearing up grass because it was bourgeios & spontaneous loyalty dances round statues of Mao waving the little red book would be laughable if they hadn't caused such suffering. So did i enjoy the book, yes & no, i thought it was definitely a worthwhile read as i learnt so much about life in China under Mao's rule but i did find it unrelentingly depressing . 4/6
  9. Ooshie, i think we all struggled with the end of the book. For me, although i enjoyed the book it was a bit like rich food, after consuming two thirds of it i felt i'd had enough Having said that i did feel a great sense of achievement when i got to the end so i hope that encourages you Haha i didn't think of doing that I loved Gormenghast, are you reading the first one or the whole trilogy? I really enjoyed the first two books but i couldn't finish the last one it was so awful
  10. Agreed it is definitely a marmite book & i would also worry about recommending it to other people Being invisible would be a super power that you could have lots of fun with thank you for taking the time to read it Bobbly even if you didn't enjoy it
  11. Is it ever going to stop raining ? :(

    1. Inver


      It did here...rained overnight and watered everything, so didn't have to do it..been lovely again today.

    2. Athena


      The rain came to us too! It's allright at the moment though :).

  12. Has anyone read...?

    Has anyone read any of the Melrose Series by Edward St Aubyn ? I'd never heard of him till i watched The Culture Show & although his books sound like they could be difficult/disturbing reads i'm curious about them so just interested to know if anyone else has come across them.
  13. Alexi's Reading 2014

    I've stopped adding my new books to my books bought this year list because it makes me feel guilty ( i did the same last year....... & the year before)
  14. Anna's Books for 2014

    Glad you enjoyed Pillars Of The Earth, Anna; it was my first Follet , my sister passed it on to me otherwise i'm sure i would never have come across it. I remember it had a cover that made it look more like a Catherine Cookson novel but as soon as i started reading it i was hooked & i was sorry when i got to the end. I'd agree with Tim that the sequel is well worth a read i enjoyed it , though not quite as much as POTE I've read a few of his others A Place Called Freedom & Eye Of The Needle which were both very good & A Dangerous Fortune which was a bit silly but readable all the same.
  15. Your Book Activity - June 2014

    Kudos for effort Kate but if your not enjoying it on the third attempt i'd say it's definitely not your sort of book How far in are you Anna? i've read about 150 pages so far so i'm past the horrible foot binding descriptions. As with other books i've read set in China it makes me glad that i'm a woman living in modern times & in the west I loved it Janet, it's my third book by Melvyn Bragg, although i've got most of his other books on my TBR pile & he's becoming one of my favourite authors At the moment i'm at the beginning of Wild Swans by Jung Chang, i do like a good family saga & i'm finding it hard to put down. Drat real life for getting in the way of my reading