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  1. What's the weather like?

    The past 4 weeks have been sunny and very warm, but today it's snowing. First snow this year YAY cos i feel the kiddy happiness of first snow, but nay cos I'm supposed to be a grown up now and get stuff done in the snow (and rain). But it's the weekend so I'm still in yay mood
  2. A Book Blog by Books do Furnish a Room

    ^^This sounds like an interesting read, I'll put it down on my TBR list. And it's a collection of essays so one can read them separately i.e. if I forget to read it for a couple of days (weeks) I can just continue without much trouble how many essays btw? Great review, very insighful yet not too long
  3. What's Up in November 2015?

    Congratz on finishing a book in a day Shelfy, must admit I'm a bit jealous Thank you Athena and Sabry, I studied Medicine and am now an intern. Good luck on your English exam Sabry, I hope the nervousness decreases and you're able to sleep better! As for the subject of pets, it really is terrible when they're not feeling well. My dog has allergies (yes, plural, as if one wouldn't have been bad enough) and is sick year-round, so we visit the vet pretty much every month
  4. Land Of A Thousand Words - Scissor Sisters
  5. What's Up in November 2015?

    Hi everyone, hope you're all having a good day. Finally got back on the forum to see what's up and catch up on some reading. Had a busy couple of months, I graduated and started working so I had to deal with paperwork and didn't read much, but I think my reading mojo might be back now so I'm taking advantage of that. Sending positive vibes to anyone in need of them *~~~~~~~*
  6. Haruki Murakami

    Gotta agree with this, he writes about pretty much the same things over and over again, but then again most authors do. It's like you're watching a series, there's new seasons but the characters the same and it's one story being dragged out told but I think that's what we all like about him (and other authors), the familiarity. That said, I found Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki... enjoyable and khmm familiar. Easy to read, engaging and made me think about my relationships with other people, be it friendship or of the romantic kind.
  7. Hemingway

    I've only read Old Man and the Sea back in school, and I enjoyed it. Hemingway seems like an intriguing character, not to mention he was a cat lover so I've been meaning to start reading his stuff. I have A Farewell to Arms on my TBR list... Hopefully I'll get to it some time soon.
  8. Hi there

    Thank you Athena
  9. Hi there

    Hey chaliepud, thank you
  10. Frankie reads 2015

    Yup, dodget a bullet for sure. Sometimes when a person doesn't feel whatever they're expecting ('a spark') towards you, even if you end up together and they end up liking you/loving you they'll never love you and respect you the right way and for the right reasons, and in my opinion it's better to not even get involved in that. But like i said, this is only true sometimes, don't want to generalize unfairly... Anyway, good luck to everyone with their dating life
  11. Frankie reads 2015

    Haha ewww a nice yeast infection one is fond of? I don't think that exists tbh but I do support what you said about other ways of meeting people, online is easier and you're in your comfort zone but then you never know who you're really talking to and how honest they are...also it's much easier to idealize people since there's so much you don't know you might be tempted to just fill in the gaps with whatever you'd like to be true lol. Hence why sometimes you might not find what you're looking for. On the bright side, at least you had a date and it wasn't terrible congratz on the flat and graduation btw!
  12. Hi there

    Thank you Anna and frankie! And welcome to you too Anna, glad you're finding it useful, I seem to find the neccessary motivation for reading here and also great advice
  13. Frankie reads 2015

    Good luck with your date! And don't worry, the nervousness is transitory, as soon as the inital awkwardness goes away and you feel comfortable you'll be fine and eatin! just don't worry in advance...
  14. Man Booker Prize

    Well it's been a while since this thread was active, hopefully this time I'll give the challenge a go (with more success)! To update my oh so very sad list, so far I've read: 1983 Life and Times of Michael K 1992 The English Patient 1998 Amsterdam 2002 Life of Pi 2007 The Gathering My next read from the list might be The Inheritance of Loss. As for the challenge I'm only including the winners and then who knows, if I ever finish it maybe move on to the shortlisted ones
  15. The Last Film You Saw - 2015

    The last thing I watched were the endings to The Visit, Some Kind of Beautiful, the new Mission Impossible movie, Straight Outta Compton, Mune and probably everything else thats currently playing (I work at a movie theater) which is basically the equivalent of reading the ending to a book before even starting it lol....but the last full movies I watched were The Road Within which was good and This Is Where I Leave You. Both are ok movies, nothing too deep but good for relaxing the mind.