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  1. Hey, good to see you visit, JCW! How are you doing?

  2. Johnny where have you been last few months?

  3. Well haven't been on here in a while!

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    2. vodkafan


      Hi Johnny what you reading?

    3. Johnny Carson Whit

      Johnny Carson Whit

      Hey vf, I'm reading IT again, not long finished the dragon keeper - robin hobb. You?

    4. Nici


      That's cos you're always on Twitter! ;D

  4. Hope you have had a good birthday, JCW :)

  5. Happy birthday. Don't get too drunk. :D

  6. Cheers. Yeah, i think those books are best used as reference books, read too much and you get information overload and don't remember half of it.

  7. Alright mate? I've not read it like a regular book, i've treated it more like a reference. I've got some excellent tips on coping with panic attacks etc. from it. He does tend to like his metaphors though, which can get a bit irritating.

  8. How is the meditation for dummies going? I like the 'For Dummies' series and i think this one would be worth a look as it has always interested me

  9. Well the swans lost 1-0, Forest scored right at the death. It's a good thing though cos that pushed Forest up to 2nd and out of the playoffs, we are by far the strongest team in the playoffs without forest.

  10. Sorry pal :lol:


    Something told me it was wrong after i had sent the message but i thought that was just me over thinking it :lol:

  11. Not good as we're playing Forest lol


    I'm not a cardiff fan! lol thats like calling you a scouser! lol

  12. How do you fancy your chances against 'boro this weekend?

  13. we've done ok without him since September, but it looks to be his second serious knee injury could be the end for him which is a shame cos he could have played in the premiership easily.

  14. Damn! That's unlucky, first game back. Maybe one of the reserves will get a chance to shine now though, might turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

  15. they won 1-0, but two of our best midfielders went off injured, one of them it was his first game back from injury since September. By the end of the game the goalie and our left back were pulling up, thats not including the 3 already out injured. I think our pitch is doing something to them