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  1. Chris Carter

    yes yes yes.....I have not looked into bookclubforum for a while spending all my time on goodreads....but must reply to your posting...I have read all CC's books and would love to discuss them all...can I recommend some??
  2. Charlie Parker Series

    For anyone who has read and enjoyed the Charlie Parker Series of equal mention is a trilogy by Michael Marshall....The Straw Men...The Lonely Dead and Blood of Angels...all brilliant with a touch of the "dark"
  3. Charlie Parker Series

    I am a number one fan of John Connolly and here is a little pic of me meeting him at Toppings Book Sellers last April.....
  4. Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

    I loved Doctor Sleep and here is my review over at goodreads..... https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1413265135?book_show_action=false
  5. Well your list is def missing one of the best horror/crime authors of the last 20 years the great John Connolly! I met him recently at a book tour, this was in Toppings book store in Bath...and here is the pic to share with you...
  6. went to view an ebay item with wife and daughter who is buying a house...we were in the wilds of south glos and on the way back it was pub time!! hurrah....oh I do love that cold guinness...must be the irish in me :))

    1. poppyshake


      You must have been somewhere near me. Cold day, warm pub, great combination :)

  7. Don't you just hate garages...how come every time I have a problem with my car it costs hundreds!...no wonder I cycle most of the time :(

    1. pickle


      oh yeah I can safely say 3 new tyres was not a fun visit last week

  8. Decided to have a nice quiet week from work..feet up and reading my kindle..of course having a house full of women means there's lots of cleaning jobs to do before putting my feet up :)) and then there is trying to stop a dispute between the 23 year old and the 13 year old...god help us...the wife's at work perhaps when things quieten down in the nex 30mins I will get back to my kindle...so much for a nice quiet break.........

    1. Maureen


      lol runner :) a house full of women is too much for anyone!


  9. thanks for the birthday wish charm...I celebrated with an 8 mile run :) and a pleasant day with my good lady

  10. good to see you back Noll...life throws advesary at us whatever our age or gender...hope you're feeling better and will be posting soon....

  11. Enjoyed reading your comment on Hans Fallada and have decided that having read your review I must finally start reading John Irvine and with that in mind will order a widow for one year...can you recommend any other john irvine books?

  12. How's the running goig Ernie....I just ran The Chippenham Half Marathon this weekend with a rather sore achilles...so I am going to have to rest up for the next weeks and look to running a race in the new year...

  13. Hi Emily nice to see you in Silver Surfers and welcome to the book club forum...Have not been on the forum recently otherwise would have said hi before...look forward to chatting in the future

  14. hi chrissy have you enjoyed no time for goodbye...i did fast and easy to read...would you recommend any other books by the same author

  15. Hi coffin nail....you read some of my fav authors...McBride and Rankin...do you like Peter James or Peter Robinson?

  16. thanks for that nicole...i'll let you know when i read

  17. keep up the running Ernie...i shall be out in the morning covering 8-10 miles...makes you feel alive!!

  18. hi frankie thanks for the welcome look forward to chatting further and finding lots of book recomendations......

  19. hi bethany thanks for the welcome look forward to all those future book recommendations!

  20. love your profile Charm...we have a little in common I am originally from Portadown and went to Queens University in Belfast...in the 70's....

  21. Hi just dropped in to say hi let me know if you read the sara waters book and what you think