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  1. UK book trade sees strong Christmas sales

    Surprising but good news!
  2. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    URGENT SHORT LIST TBR This seemed to work last year, so I will do it again: I will give my TBR a quick bunk up by finishing all the books I have already started. Woman on The Edge Of Time Marge Piercy London The Biography Man Of Two Worlds Frank and Brian Herbert Victoria Victorian Things Asa Briggs Shopgirls Pamela Cox and Annabel Hobley Dear Bill Bryson Ben Aitken Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge Lindy Woodhead
  3. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    EXTRA TBR!! The above TBR list is transferred from last year with the pitifully few books I read from it removed. Many of them are on the kindle so I won't make any headway into that lot until I get a new one. The list below consists of "Tree Books" that seem to attach themselves to me when I go into charity shops. I haven't been listing them but I have been quite good at reading them straight away lately. I will attempt to get some sort of a list up sometime later today. The Serpent The Dragon Atlan The City all by Jane Gaskell Renoir My Father Jean Renoir Annie May's Black Book Debby Holt Shopping, Seduction And Mr Selfridge Lindy Woodhead Medusa's Children Bob Shaw Overlay On a Planet Alien Both by Barry Malzberg S.T.A.R. Flight EC Tubb Where Underpants Come From Joe Bennet Letters Of An Indian Judge To An English Gentlewoman Bone Idle Suzette A Hill Frankenstein Unbound Brian Aldiss 7 Trips Through Time And Space anthology Rahne Susan Coon Night Watch Andrew m Stephenson Close To Critical Hal Clement At Home Bill Bryson Wonderland Avenue Danny Sugarman Dorian Will Self Night Lamp Jack Vance
  4. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    The TBR Pile organised! Victorian authors, obscure works and classics The Poor Gentleman Hendrick Conscience Two On A Tower The Return Of The Native A Laodician A Pair Of Blue Eyes Jude The Obscure The Woodlanders Far From The Madding Crowd all above by The Mayor of Casterbridge Thomas Hardy Post Haste RM Ballantyne Autobiography Of Anthony Trollope Lady Anna Miss Mackenzie 4 above by The Way We Live Now Anthony Trollope Twelve Years A Slave Solomon Northup Letters Of Two Brides Balzac Birds Of Prey Charlotte's Inheritance Run To Earth A Novel The Doctor's Wife Lady Audley's Secret Mary Elizabeth Braddon Little Dorrit Charles Dickens The Mill On The Floss Madame Bovary Tess of The d'urbervilles Lady Susan Thoughts On The Education Of Daughters The Last Man Maria, Or The Wrongs Of Woman Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman The Perpetual Curate The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Equality Looking Backward 2000-1887 Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Picture Of Dorian Grey Oscar Wilde Nicholas Nickleby Charles Dickens The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow Washington Irvine Little Women Louisa May Alcott Shirley Bleak House The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde The Moonstone The Woman In White Ruth The Importance Of Being Earnest Basil Les Miserables Mrs Oliphant Confessions Of An English Opium Eater Thomas De Quincey Testament Of Youth Vera Brittain Books set in Victorian times by modern authors Under A Cloud-Soft Sky The Singing Winds Shelter From The Storm Snow Angels Pure - Andrew Miller The Road To Samarcand Patrick O'Brian Reference works and 18th-19th century history, social history London The Biography Peter Ackroyd The Siege Of Krishnapur J.G. Farrell The Dictionary Of London Raj Lawrence James The Age of Revolution 1789-1848 The Age Of Capital 1848-1875 The Age Of Empire 1875-1914 Slavery A New Global History Jeremy Black Balti Britain - Ziauddin Sardar Asians In Britain 400 years of History Rozina Visram Random must reads Nice To See It To See It Nice Brian Viner It's A Small Medium And Outsize World John Taylor Cut Like Wound Anita Nair (signed copy, paperback printed in India!) Connections Rules For Virgins The Life And Loves Of A She Devil The Passion Of New Eve The Haunted Hotel Ten Interesting Things About Human Behaviour Slave Girl Sarah Forsyth (autobiography) The Man Who Loved Only Numbers Paul Hoffman (biography of Paul Erdos) The White Mists Of Power Kristine Kathryn Rusch Blitz The Civilian War 1940-45 Jane Waller Michael Vaughn-Rees (war memoir) I Think I'm OK Undercover: The True Story Of Britain's Secret Police King Solomon's Carpet Barbara Vine A Far Cry From Kensington Muriel Spark Capital John Lanchester Good Behaviour Molly Keane Miss Peregrine's Home For Unusual Children - Ransom Riggs Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood Stephanie Plum series 9-20 - Janet Evanovitch Forgotten Voices of the Blitz Joshua Levine One Day David Nichols Geisha Liza Dalby In The Heart Of The Sea Nathanial Philbrick Spycatcher Peter Wright Ways Of Seeing John Berger Gunners On Tour Maurice Court Rivers Of London Ben Aaronovitch The Horse Whisperer Nicholas Evans The German Invasion Of Norway Geirr H Haarr Accidents In The Home Tessa Hadley Devoted Ladies Molly Keane A Fine Balance Rohinton Mistry Lord Of The Flies William Golding Rebecca Daphne Du Maurier Untying The Knot Linda Gillard One of Our Thursdays Is Missing, Thursday Next First Among Sequels, Something Rotten, The Well Of Lost Plots, Lost In A Good Book, The Eyre Affair Jasper Fforde Life Of Pi - Yann Martel The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared - Jonas Jonasson Alone In Berlin The Terror Round the Bend Two Eggs On My Plate Oluf Reed Olsen Infidel Ayaan Hirsi Ali Nerd Do Well Simon Pegg Forensic Clues To Murder Brian Marriner Bad Blood Lorna Sage The Voyage Out Virginia Woolf The Book Of The Dead The Other Side Of The Dale Gervaise Phinn SF Out Of Time-Five tales of Time Travel Strange Loops The Time Travel Megapack The Martian Way Isaac Asimov The Green Brain Frank Herbert The Steampunk megapack (26 stories) Viridis Lady Of Devices A Steampunk Adventure Steampunk Erotica Best New SF 25 Meeting At Infinity John Brunner Foundation Isaac Asimov The Naked Sun Isaac Asimov Of All Possible Worlds William Tenn The Makeshift Rocket Poul Anderson Life The Universe and Everything More Than Super-Human AE VAN Vogt
  5. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    Thanks! I watched another full-length Japanese anime called Appleseed which I found in a charity shop. The animation was actually CGI, so a bit like Final Fantasy in the imagery. The story was OK.
  6. NFL

    The woman at work reckons Patriots V. Packers for the SuperBowl
  7. NFL

    Well we have Rugby football too, which is the sort of parent game of American football, although the US version has evolved into a somewhat different tactical game... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_American_football a woman at my place of work is a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan.
  8. Hello there

    Welcome, dreadnaught! When you say the usual dystopian suspects did that include The Handmaid's Tale? If you haven't read that one I recommend it. Most of the interesting Cyber Punk stuff I have read lately was all YA, but unfortunately my kindle busted a while back so I can't recall any titles.
  9. HEY!

    Hi Patch we have a few published authors on here. What sort of genres do you like to read for your own enjoyment?
  10. hello again :)

    Welcome! Nice to have a ninja on the forum...
  11. Howdy ho

    Hi shades, what books you like?
  12. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    Haha that was funny chaliepud. In 3 years time he will probably be fascinated watching Jennifer Lawrence putting on a spacesuit....Passengers was on my list to watch but I missed it at the cinema...is it good? The trailer didn't seem to hint at much of a story...I don't mind the romance, after all The Abyss had a romance at heart.
  13. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    Hardcore Henry. The first film ever shot in First Person. So you never saw the main character's face until near the end when it was visible in a mirror. It was insane and very violent but also funny.
  14. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

    It didn't seem to bother Mr Rochester too much! I will check out the Professor, I was not aware of that one thanks
  15. The Last Film You Saw - 2016

    I did like the concept. I can't get emotionally attached to a cartoon though, and I find a lot of anime questionable (for instance there are often "adult" themes, but the protagonists are often little girls) so I don't like the genre in itself. Looking forward to this film though, there is always room for intelligent SF
  16. The Last Film You Saw - 2016

    I saw the Anime version of Ghost In The Shell. The concept is fantastic and very thought provoking but it was hard watching a cartoon all the way through. I am hoping the live action version will be this century's Blade Runner. If they don't mess it up. You can see the trailer for the upcoming film here:
  17. Mad to be Normal

    Ah yes there is that. Even I enjoy seeing Tennant on screen. I felt he brought a bit of manic edginess to Dr Who.
  18. Hello from Oxford UK

    You did? Which one(s)? Are you a fan?
  19. Hello from Oxford UK

    I am halfway through writing my first SF novel too. Not done any for a while! Good luck with yours.
  20. Hello from Oxford UK

    Hi Trevor welcome! Read any Jack Vance?
  21. The Last Film You Saw - 2016

    That is interesting. I am surprised Bill Bryson didn't mention that in his books about language and place names. I don't think the ACW got up that far so I wonder if it had something to do with the earlier French/Indian war in the 18th century.
  22. Anything by Jack Vance. His Demon Princes series (5 novels) have lots of zipping about in space ships to different planets and having adventures, as has the Araminta Station series and the Alastor Cluster books . The Planet of Adventure series (4 books) is set on one planet with 4 different alien races and their human slaves on it. All of these are good reading.
  23. I am now...you got me interested in the plot premise.
  24. Mad to be Normal

    Hi Angury, you obviously have a deep interest in this whole subject and have read impressively...I hope you are not disappointed by the TV dramatisation of this interesting person. It is bound to be a bit of a snapshot and have a bit of an angle on his personality to suit the plot.
  25. As you say, looks like the trail is stone cold. Nothing comes up on google except this thread! Maybe the whole site has been suppressed, who knows...you said you read some, what was the book about ?